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In Illinois

The house may be pushing a deeply flawed concealed carry bill. The NRA has their own bill.

5 Responses to “In Illinois”

  1. Matthew Carberry Says:

    The House isn’t “pushing” a deeply flawed bill, the usual suspects are simply introducing them. The NRA bill is the same bill that had the numbers to pass last year (and the year before that as I recall) and just lacked the 6 votes required to override Chicago’s home rule.

    The bill with the momentum and chance in hell in this case ironically happens to be the good one.

  2. GayCynic Says:

    Hey –

    I’m rather hoping for a deadlock followed by Constitutional Carry come June.

  3. Kristophr Says:

    Yea, expect a may issue CCW administrated by the state government.

    And expect them to choose not to issue them to the unprivileged.

  4. Kirk Parker Says:

    Yea, expect a may issue CCW administrated by the state government.

    One could be forgiven for thinking they like being hauled into court.

  5. Kristophr Says:

    Kirk: The reason they got hauled into court was because CCW was completely unlawful, but privileged person were handed get out of jail free cards.

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