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Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

So, a former LAPD police officer went crazy and started shooting people. Because only the police should have guns. There’s a whole lot of WTF with this story. First, is the guy seems to be a leftist loon, spouting the media narrative. Now, I don’t really care for the game of “pin the political ideology on the nut bag” but this particular bit will be important later. His manifesto is full of praise for gun control efforts, since, I suppose, they make being a mass-murdering psychopath easier.

From reading the press, you wouldn’t know that since they are leaving his gun control support and Obama leave out of their stories and releases. Gee, I wonder why? Why, news like that getting out might shift the public opinion that the press keeps making up. A lot more here.

And the police, who are largely the shooter’s targets, have royally screwed up. First, they shot someone twice. Then they shot two people and shot at someone else (because, again, only police should have guns). Nervous police overreact. Then, this:

Officers from the Los Angeles and Torrance police departments engaged in two separate shootings Thursday morning in Torrance, Calif., reports KTLA. They had come across two different vehicles that were similar to the description of Dorner’s getaway car, a gray 2005 Nissan Titan pickup.

So, they shot someone not even posing a threat? Meanwhile, they declared war on pickup trucks.

Insurrectionists rejoice!

35 Responses to “Why are anti-gun activists so violent?”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    And just how many Legal Citizens in the VolksRepublik of Kalifornia are ALLOWED to carry a Pistol on the Streets to protect themselves against a Roaming Madman?

    But something tells me he won’t be hiding out in Compton.

  2. ATLien Says:

    Basically they’re both proving EXACTLY why people need AR-15 SBRs.

  3. Kdawg Says:

    He wants his brain preserved for science to see the effects of long term depression.

    Hmm, any guesses on what medication he has been prescribed, but we’ll never find out?

  4. Margie Wilson-Mars Says:

    Great commentary!

  5. Bill Says:

    Good God. They can’t possibly make a better argument against police only weaponry.

    How many innocents are going to be shot in this madhouse?

  6. Ryan in Alaska Says:

    With cops like that, I’m sure am glad I left Torrance all those years ago…

  7. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    Once again… A leftist goosestepper in the guise of a police officer, leaves a manifesto about EVERY SINGLE REASON citizens of this nation REQUIRE the 2nd Amendment. The very thing this douchebag supports… and he is using the very tool he wants taken out of the hands of law abiding people. This guy deserves to be reincarnated as a lab rat.

  8. D2k Says:

    It’s hard to tell if the second longer manifesto is his or not, it has a different writing style and is more batshit than the first shorter manifesto.
    There is still a lot of fog of war going on with this event.
    It’s possible he might be able to keep this up for a few months.
    Expect things to get ugly and end anticlimactically when he finally gets shot.

    The accusations he has leveled of corruption in the LAPD will likely never be sufficiently answered, he chose poorly in bringing attention to himself by this method.

  9. Jeff from DC Says:

    Banning assault pick up trucks wont prevent all vehicular accidents, but if it will save just one life, we owe it to ourselves to try.

  10. MrApple Says:

    The central reason that the anti-gun folks resort to name calling, death threats, and actual violence is due to the fact that once they truly engage in a meaningful discussion on gun violence in America and the role of the 2nd Amendment in the lives of the citizenry of this nation their inadequate and paltry attempt at defending their position leaves them woefully under-equipped to battle against the rock solid logic of the Pro-gun movement.

  11. Nylarthotep Says:

    Excellent post. I’m going to link that on facebook just to piss off all my liberal friends. Can’t wait for the whining to begin.

  12. Incurvatus Says:

    The press release says the cops shooting the newspaper ladies that were driving a vehicle that matched the suspect’s.

    Except it doesn’t. Press release says *gray* truck. Picture shows *blue* as blue can be.

  13. JD(not the one with the picture) Says:

    Hey, at least they got the truck part right.

  14. Jake Says:

    To be fair – as little as they deserve it – I believe the three stories you link to are all referring to the same two incidents. The way the post is written, it looks like four separate incidents until you follow the links.

    It excuses nothing, but as far as I can tell, they’ve sprayed bullets at innocents “only” twice… so far.

  15. Rob Crawford Says:

    “Except it doesn’t. Press release says *gray* truck. Picture shows *blue* as blue can be.”

    What time of day was the shooting? The pic was taken in full daylight; the shooting may have been in twilight.

    In any case — they desperately need some training on fire discipline and control.

  16. emdfl Says:

    The other minor problem is that the truck they shot up was also neither the same model nor from the same manufacturer… not to mention there were two WOMEN in it, not one black man.

    But Hey, TRUCK!!!!!! SHOOT!!!!! SHOOT!1!! (46 times?)

  17. Mike Says:

    There is one, and only one, lesson here: the LAPD is not prepared for asymmetrical, 4th Gen warfare. I imagine few (if any) police departments around the country are.

    In this particular case, the police are being targeted for assassination by a heavily-armed insurgent (yeah, I said it), who holds the advantage of surprise, is familiar with the TTPs and methods of the conventional force (the LAPD), knows the terrain, can choose ambush sites at whim, and is single-minded in his pursuit. The LAPD is shittin’ its collective pants, and all the technology in the world ain’t gonna make a lick of difference.

    And, yes: a dozen individuals, equally trained and knowledgeable, spread across the country, equally committed, could wreak considerable havoc. Multiply those dozens by a thousand, and all hell will break loose.

    A note of warning: Don’t think that other groups (New Black Panther Party, Mexican Cartels, neo-Nazi contingents) are not also learning critical lessons from what is happening in L.A. In a SHTF scenario, don’t make the mistake of assuming that only the good guys are going to be scrambling for power.

  18. wizardpc Says:


  19. Gerry Says:

    New LAPD rifles offer minute of pickup combat accuracy

  20. Cargosquid Says:

    Gerry…that’s just cold….

    Funny…but cold.


  21. Joe Huffman Says:

    @Mike, There are others that might learn something too.

  22. Firehand Says:

    And funny.
    And accurate.

    I’m reading this stuff, and it’s friggin’ amazing. Dad spent a bunch of years wearing a badge, and if he or any other OHP had engaged in something like this, they’d have had their ass handed to them.
    But then, they werent’ in the PROC, so maybe the rules are different.

  23. Huck Says:

    “In any case — they desperately need some training on fire discipline and control.”

    Hell Rob, that’s been obvious for years now.

  24. Jonathan Says:

    Maybe the state should start requiring a small metal plate, with a unique set of identifying numbers and letters painted on it, to be attached to the front and back of each vehicle, so they can avoid problems like this.

  25. Jeff from DC Says:

    Jonathan, youre on to something. Could these plates be assigned to the owners of said vehicles, and could the state charge a nominal fee for them?

    During the DC Sniper incident montgomery county was van crazy for the white van that wasnt. I dont recall any shootings, just unlawful searches and question atf visits to owners of ar15s in the area.

  26. protectiondetail Says:

    I heard some blubs on the news, about a large number of protection details being mobilized to over the number of people he threatened.

    It was amazing how quickly the police moved to protect their own. That was the lesson I learned.

  27. Jeff from DC Says:

    Protectiondetail, if the police new a terrorist specifically named you and youre family, you would get a detail as well. That was a retarded comment to make. You are demonizing the police instead of the fuckass that is shooting people. Dont be that guy.

  28. comatus Says:

    27 Jeff in DC, I’m sorry you brought that up. It brings back memories.

    Been there, asked for that, named names and filed the deposition, with a witness. The exact answer was, “Sounds like you’ve got a problem.” Of course, those weren’t “terrorists.” They’re only terrorists if they attack public officials. Like police.

    And so, I beg to disagree. I don’t hate police, I just don’t trust them or rely on them. Other than that, they’re fine. I never have to protect them.

  29. Jeff from DC Says:

    You should never rely on the police for protection…theyre reactionary. Shouldnt be, werent a few decades ago, but thats what political correctness and ambulance chasing does.

    This isnt just a takes care of their own situation, its a media circus. Guard details are the best solution upper management could come up with, even though in a round about way it is only creating more targets of opportunity. At this point I think this guy is at best sidetracked from his mission of retarded vengance, but putting a car in front of the house gives the media a five second video clip to show management is on it

    Not sure what your specific story is or where you are writing from, but youd be surprised how much manpiwer is diverted away from legitimate issues such as what you are describing to deal with p.c. follies.

  30. comatus Says:

    DC, not sure who you’re arguing against, then.
    Oh, and it was 1969.

  31. Smince Says:

    I’m with D2k, the leftist portions of the longer version of the manifesto are inconsistent in writing style and philosophy with the other version that most outlets have published. Most of what he says is both plausible and consistent with what we are seeing in real-time from the LAPD right now. It’s hard not to sympathize with him on some level, save for the murdering part. I think he would’ve been better served to write a book about the corruption and then market it through all of the talking heads in the media. Although if it’s as deep as he espouses, I guess he believes this course of action is his only option.

  32. bob r Says:

    “In any case — they desperately need some training on fire discipline and control.”

    Maybe they should have received some before they did this. They no longer need such training as they should become convicted felons and as such are not allowed to pick up a gun.

  33. wasntme Says:

    Here come the drones.

    If they broke `em out because a guy stole 6 cows in ND I’m sure they will be using them on this one.

    And if they designate him a senior member of a terrorist organization who is too hard to apprehend, then they can just kill him with the drone.

  34. wasntme Says:

    And if they do I’m sure we will get a great story about how the LADP tracked him down.

    @jeff in dc – I noticed the same thing about how they are quick to protect their own but if that were an ordinary citizen, they would more than like be on their own unless the police felt unusually sorry for them. The courts have ruled it is definitely NOT their job to protect the public. Sorry, but it is what it is.

  35. wizardpc Says:

    Some animals are more equal than others

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