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Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Democrat Virginia Delegate Joe Morrisey who mishandled an AK variant used as a prop for pushing gun control that I mentioned? Yeah, turns out he had been disbarred for assault and issuing death threats. No wonder he doesn’t want you armed.

Take away my rights because I’m not responsible enough.

Someone like me shouldn’t own guns

15 Responses to “Why are anti-gun activists so violent?”

  1. Countertop Says:

    Wouldn’t that make him a prohibited person, and incapable of legally possessing that gun?? Not sure, but it think it might.

  2. Dep801 Says:

    Maybe Bloomberg should establish another membership category in his “Illegal” group for anti-gun politicians who aren’t mayors but manage to get themselves arrested. There seems to be quite of few of them also.

  3. Veeshir Says:

    According to the puppy blender, he was convicted of assault. That sounds like a felony
    Enforce the law, arrest him and whoever lent a rifle to a felon.

  4. Gladorn Says:

    I never saw it online, but the Richmond Times Dispatch (paper version) wrote that Del. C. Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah) did tell “Fighting Joe” Morrissey to get his booger hook out of the trigger.

    I’m glad that someone had enough sense to correct Morrissey.

  5. Pablo Says:

    Charge him for a felony? Forget it! He’ll a lib, therefore he’s entitled to the “David Gregory defense”.

  6. Spade Says:

    Hey, hey, hey. Saying he was disbarred for just assault and making threats is a little unfair to him. Really.

    He was disbarred for A LOT more than “just” the assault and the threats.

  7. fiftyville Says:

    This is getting to be par for the course as far as Democrats go.

  8. Orion Says:

    If he was convicted of a felony, or a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence then yes, he’s a prohibited person and should not be in possession of any firearm whatsoever.

    If the assault charge was a misdemeanor with no DV component, he’s not.


  9. TTT Says:

    If leftists want to exterminate their opponents (which is a common leftist tactic, from Hitler to Stalin to Pol Pot to Mao), taking away their guns is the obvious step that has to occur before you can exterminate them.

  10. RM3 FRISKER FTN Says:

    Time for another White House petition? Call for the arrest and prosecution of (possible) “convicted felon” Democrat Virginia Delegate Joe Morrisey who allegedly “possessed” (held in his hands) a firearm in violation of federal law while speaking before the Virginia House of Delegates.

    Would also make for a neat NRA commercial, especially if Joe Morrisey has kids who attend a private school with armed guards. It would be a two-fer: enforce existing federal laws against convicted felons who “possess” firearms and humiliate a hypocrite for trying to deny for me what his own children (might) have – armed protection.

  11. CitizenEgg Says:

    I’d like to circulate a petition for people to self remove themselves from the rights granted under the 2nd amendment, if they really feel they’d be a danger. But that’s all you get to do is remove yourself, and then you can go shut up about it and repent in leisure as they say.

    There are far too many hypocrites out there who benefit from armed protection telling others that they don’t need to be responsible for their own protection. The facts are pretty clear, but they don’t support the gun control crowds’ argument, so it’s time for feelings to take center stage.

  12. CableGuy Says:

    What we’re up against: This is from a civil discussion I had on Facebook. Possibly one of the most chilling, fascist things I have heard. Remember this when you are compromising with the left!

    “Confiscation is something I would support, though I doubt that will happen. I would like to see a day when the authorities treat an assault weapon in a home the same way they see a kilo of heroin in a home – as an imminent threat to the safety of the community and good reason to break down the door.”

  13. Cargosquid Says:

    Morrissey also had some other problems with guns.
    So, of course, the Democrats elected him to office.

    Richmond Times-Dispatch – Saturday, August 14, 1993

    From racking up dozens of traffic violations before becoming Commonwealth’s Attorney, to a contempt-of-court-conviction, to doing jail time for fighting, to his present indictment on charges of bribery, perjury, and misuse of public funds, Joe Morrissey appears to have compiled a record of playing things fast and loose.

    So it should come as no surprise that Morrissey has not yet returned two semi-automatic weapons he borrowed from the State Division of Forensic Science for a presentation in May, 1991. Morrissey’s lawyer says Morrissey thinks the guns were stolen. Thinks?

    Evidently Morrissey used to leave the guns — a Tec-9 and an Uzi — lying around. They may have disappeared as much as a year ago, yet Morrissey appears never to have reported them missing.

    Morrissey lost the Democratic nomination to David Hicks. Come January 1, Hicks will take over — bringing to a close one of the more turbulent, if not exasperating, reigns in recent Richmond memory. Until then, perhaps Morrissey will do us all a favor by simply sitting still — breathing softly.

  14. Mu Says:

    Lets all pull together to help Wendy. First, she needs that involuntary committal to make her lose those dreadful second amendment rights. Then we should petition Wendy’s DMV to immediately revoke her drivers license and impound any vehicles. Can’t have someone suicidal drive around and suddenly decide to pull into oncoming traffic. We also need to alert Walmart, Walgreens and Home Depot to block her from entering, she might buy a knife, pills or a rope.

  15. DonM Says:

    I would think that an assault rifle in a home would be a good reason to NOT break down the door.

    It is people who would break down doors that are the emminent hazard to the community.

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