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Keep your booger-hook err thumb off the trigger

Virginia Delegate Joe Morrisey rants about assault weapons while holding a weapon that would not have been an assault weapon under the 1994 assault weapons ban. And he also has his thumb on the trigger.

3 Responses to “Keep your booger-hook err thumb off the trigger”

  1. Kristophr Says:

    I’ll bet this retard picks his nose with nhis thumb.

  2. DC Handgun Info Says:

    Actually, open carry seems to be permitted in the Virginia General Assembly:

    Prohibited places include courthouses, air carrier terminals, schools, Capitol and General Assembly buildings (open carrying only, members of the General Assembly and those with a valid CHP are permitted in the Capitol General Assembly buildings)

    When I lived in Falls Church, the City Council was quaking in their boots when pro-gun advocates came to testify in the CC chamber with holstered guns. This in a town where the husband of the ex-mayor turned out to be a convicted sex offender against a CHILD.

    STILL: The delegate was a fool for using his thumb on the trigger.

  3. JKB Says:

    Where are the legislators who know about guns. They could have shut this moron down in a NY second if they’d just yelled at him to get his thumb off the trigger.

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