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On the gun control meetings

Here’s a list of people the White House met with. Vote with your dollars and let those people know what you think.

Chris Cox:

Yesterday was nothing more than a dog and pony show. They checked the box, yep, we met with the NRA. They had no interest in hearing what we had to say.

NSSF says they were told there would be no media but what’s with all the video?

The executive order options are limited. The one I think is coming is banning all imports of magazines and semi-autos.

Ruger makes it easy for you to contact your reps

3 Responses to “On the gun control meetings”

  1. Chas Says:

    To reduce gun violence, Obama could use an Executive Order to have Holder apply the full power of the federal government to go after the homicidal gangbangers in Chicago, which leads the nation in murders. Yeah, I know, just said that for laughs. They do need their body counts to drive their gun ban agenda, don’t they? And they mean to get them.

  2. Countertop Says:

    Two things which might be possibly via executive order:
    1) open up NICS system to private purchases (can’t mandate it, but they could -I think – at least allow it especially through some entity like WalMart or local police stations (which would make it easier for certain states to then require it if they can’t get a federal bill through) and
    2) order HHS to submit all mental health records to NICS now that they run Obamacare.

  3. Mike Says:

    Anyone else see a potential upside to an EO banning importation of mags and semi-autos?

    Could we see a renaissance of American firearms manufacturing? BO can’t ban anything domestically without Congress, yet the demand for firearms and firearm accessories won’t diminish (even if the panic subsides). By EO, BO would be channeling that demand to domestic sources.

    Could we see the advent of “Made Fully in the USA” AK-47 clones? Domestically produced magazines for every firearm in existence (AK, AR, Glock, etc.), in the tens of millions?

    And all the profit for these items staying on American shores.

    I like it. The early period would be a hard transition, as the industry tools up, but the long-term could be a boon for the economy (not to mention the revitalization of the blue-collar workforce).