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The assault on rifles

Can’t let the bodies cool: White House Plans To Overwhelm NRA With Rapid Victory

I don’t really see that happening. The WaPo on the measures:

A working group led by Vice President Biden is seriously considering measures backed by key law enforcement leaders that would require universal background checks for firearm buyers, track the movement and sale of weapons through a national database, strengthen mental health checks, and stiffen penalties for carrying guns near schools or giving them to minors, the sources said.

So a registration scheme and making something illegaler? That will save us!

Sebastian wonders what they’re planning: The anti-gun strategy is to throw everything at the wall, and see what can stick.

15 Responses to “The assault on rifles”

  1. SPQR Says:

    The use of the word “serious” and Joe Biden in the same sentence is hilarious.

  2. Chas Says:

    This is what “Rapid Victory” looked like in Illinois today. Not. So. Rapid. Did I hear a Hooah?

  3. Chas Says:

    The harder you fall, bitches!

  4. Matt Says:

    I’ve been seeing this “gun show loophole” mentioned a lot recently, and I’m uncertain exactly what they’re referring to… I’ve filled out a 7743 every time I’ve purchased a gun from a dealer, storefront or gun show. Are they trying to say private face-to-face transfers??

  5. Matt Says:


    Yes. They want to pass Federal law making all firearm transfers go through an FFL in every state.

  6. Cargosquid Says:

    “Yes. They want to pass Federal law making all firearm transfers go through an FFL in every state.”

    And we all know THAT will magically make all the bad ol’ guns disappear out of the hands of the bad guys. All the while moving the goalposts just a little closer toward registration.

  7. ben Says:


    and how would they know if a private transaction had taken place without a background check? they would need complete registration to make a background check system like that work.

  8. Xman Says:

    I’m sure future murderous a$$holes are quaking at the prospect of the ATF coming down on them like a ton of bricks for not filling out a 4473. That will definitely be a THE effective roadblock to keep them from killing mommy in her sleep, stealing her guns, driving them into a VDZ, shooting out a window to gain access to the school, murdering any adult in the way, and slaughtering 20 cowering six year old children.

  9. wizardpc Says:

    and how would they know if a private transaction had taken place without a background check? they would need complete registration to make a background check system like that work.


    Fast forward 3 years. There’s another shooting. Shooter bought from a guy who bought from a guy who bought from a dealer, before the private sale ban was enacted. Media screams about “Unregistered Untraceable Death Machines” or somesuch and voila! Registration is new required.

  10. Chris L. Says:

    What is “High Capacity Amunition”? It sure sounds scary. I guess the only place to buy such a thing is at the “gun show loophole”… UGGGHHH!

  11. Mike Says:

    Stop laughing, people.

    Think for just one second: What has this President NOT gotten when he’s set his sights on it?

    Fundamental re-structuring of the health care system? Check. A massive government spending program (aka “Stimulus”)? Check. Re-write of the immigration laws, without Congressional approval? Check. Complete block of consequences on “Fast & Furious”? Check. Involvement in multiple new theaters of war (Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan) without even Congressional oversight? Check. Massive new tax hikes? Check.

    The only thing he hasn’t achieved is greater job growth, and it’s clear that is not where his interest lies.

    Do not underestimate the ruthlessness with which Admin operators go about their business. Blackmail works: Why do you think Roberts did his little Kabuki dance (at the very last minute) to save ObamaCare? From all reports, the four dissenting Justices were taken by surprise by his sudden about-face. The scuttlebutt in DC is that there was some error in the adoption of Roberts’ kids (a form or another that wasn’t filed under the birth country’s laws). TPTB found the chink and squeezed (“You wouldn’t want your kids to be taken from you, would you, Judge? After all, we have international adoption treaties to abide by, and it looks like you missed a step. Damn shame, really.”) It worked.


  12. SPQR Says:

    Mike, the reality is that Obama really has gotten almost nothing from Congress that he wanted since late 2009. He is very weak at getting his legislative agenda adopted, which is why so many of your items in your list are executive actions – which have limits.

    Obama can be defeated on this if we get ourselves, our friends and our neighbors to all write and call their legislators. We have to push and push hard but he can be beat.

  13. ATLien Says:

    How about background checks for politicians? Every time a BG check finds unconstitutional legislation or laws written by a politician, they get bounced out of office.

    If that doesn’t fly, then there’s always another way to deal with tyrants.

  14. Steve Says:

    I have not been sure what to make of the stories about Obama going for broke on gun control. It is either misinformation or O has grown so arrogant that he has lost touch with reality. Sure, he can ask congressional democrats to go on a political suicide mission for him but they have to stand for reelection. He doesn’t.
    Is it possible that he knows that he can’t win and is just going through the motions so he can pull one of his “If congress refuses to act, I will” moves and try to get this done through executive order?
    I don’t know how he can expect democrats to even support that knowing that they will will bear the brunt of the backlash in 2014.
    I think the bottom line is that the left has picked a fight with the wrong crowd. This is very winnable as long as we keep the pressure up on our reps.

  15. rick Says:

    So what’s a “universal” background check as opposed to what we get today? Does that mean they’ll check my citizenship scores on my third grade report cards?

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