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Details of the Sandy Hook shooting

A report says he wore earplugs and changed magazines several times. Also:

a shotgun, capable of firing 20 rounds,

Hmm. Not sure what that means. The article also places emphasis on violent video games.

26 Responses to “Details of the Sandy Hook shooting”

  1. Other Steve Says:

    You can CLEARLY see a Siaga-12 being pulled out of the trunk of the car in the news video. It’s looks like an unconverted “sport” stock version. I suppose Siagas are 20-shot capable shotguns, although that’s an exaggeration to state unless 20 round drums were found in the car.

  2. Sp Ed Teacher Says:

    Children with Autism sometimes have difficulty with loud noises. I’ve worked with several students who wear ear protection (the ear muff type) during fire drills.

  3. John Smith. Says:

    How many of you Fire your guns without ear plugs???

  4. John Smith. Says:

    Especially with the Reverb from the shots in closed space?

  5. Chas Says:

    Stupid liberal assholes don’t protect their kids, and then their kids get killed.
    Did they think that there are no homicidal maniacs loose in our society?
    Do they think that we live in a gunless society?
    Did they buy into the commie lib BS that guns are not needed for the protection of their children?
    The liberal lie that guns are not necessary is pretty much out the window now, isn’t it?
    Assholes! Those dead kids are on you, you gun banning liberal fucktards! Fuck you and your hoplophobia! Fuck you, you asshole child killers! You ignorant douchebags and your incompetence!

  6. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    But… but… it’s a Gun Free Zone™! That will protect them! That will protect us all!

    Wow, a shotgun capable of firing 20 rounds. What, simultaneously? Full auto? Or is that its expected lifespan? Zounds, I have some with a lot more than 20 through them. Should I be impressed or worried? Good thing these urinalists have spell checkers; that way they don’t even have to study any English at all. They certainly don’t get any grammar.

  7. Chas Says:

    My dick can fire more than 20 times, let them ban that.

  8. Matt Says:

    I’m not a gamer, so I don’t feel any need to defend “violent video games”, but they’re saying the investigators knew that reloading was common before entering a building or room… Just like MagPul & a host of other training companies teach police officers & security contractors. If the family was as much gun enthusiasts as its been made out, do the feel it implausible that the kid might have flipped through a few YouTube videos??

  9. Guav Says:

    Chas has just demonstrated how not to win people over to our side.

    Anyway … something interesting to point out, in the discussion about magazine capacity that has sprung up, and how these “high capacity clips” are so extra deadly—the article says that in addition to changing magazines several times, he sometimes shot “as few as 15 shots from a 30-round magazine.”

  10. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Chas, how can that be? You mean you’re not… compensating? The dick jokes the grabbers tell aren’t true?

  11. Other Steve Says:

    Enough of Chas, please, kthanx. Chill out or quiet down, either way, you’re not helping anything. Vitriol and assholes are on both sides, don’t be either.

  12. Fin Says:

    Time to ban hearing protection within 1000 feet of school grounds.

  13. Bram Says:

    1. They really love the video game angle.

    2. If this type of shooter kills himself when he hears the cops coming – why not install a siren in the parking lot that sounds like an approaching police car? Rather than wait 20 minutes for the real cops?

  14. Rob Crawford Says:

    “1. They really love the video game angle.”

    The mainstream left hates video games because video games are bigger than mass communications. Idiots on the right hate them because they think the games teach people to kill.

    I defy anyone to fire a gun using the same physical motions as are used in a video game.

  15. Sid Says:


    You are a genius (a nudge is as good as a wink to a blind man).

    They could also have some police uniforms for the janitor to throw on when a shooting starts.

  16. Not me Says:

    If a shotgun can only fire 20 times, I think it is defective, made in Turkey, or both.

  17. rickn8or Says:

    Details are emerging, but some are not.

    And did it really take 20 minutes before the first cop was through the door at Sandy Hook?

  18. rickn8or Says:

    Gah. Seems my HTML-fu is weak this morning.

  19. Bryan S. Says:

    It may be horrible of me, but when I see an article on WND or Infowars / Prison Ppanet, I have to discount it as kookeriy on a grand scale, and then spend time trying to find a credible source.

    And I’m not much willing to do that work any more for them.

  20. ATLien Says:

    Bryan, when almost every single other form of media has a great big bias against guns and refuses to report anything outside of their agenda, where do you go for such reports?

    And Chas is right. Fuck them. If you want to curtail my RIGHTS because you’re a sissy-ass punk who is afraid of tools and inanimate objects, then at some point it’s time to call them out and tell them to go to hell or worse. They refuse to see reason, and will never concede to anything. So the only thing left to say to someone like that is “fuck off, slaver.”

  21. ATLien Says:

    Oh, one more thing- the blaming of video games is stupid to an incredible degree. Been playing them at least 30 years, and have never come across a game where you enter a school and shoot children.

  22. mikee Says:

    When my son was in High School he played a video game that the gamers essentially made up as they went along -one side Russians and one side Germans on the Eastern Front, WWII.

    I took him to the range and gave him a Mosin 91/30 to shoot, just like he and his friends used in the game.

    He found the game tactics rather amazingly different than reality would allow after that experience.

  23. Seerak Says:

    I’m not a gamer, so I don’t feel any need to defend “violent video games”

    First they came for the gamers…

    The blaming of video games is of a piece with the blaming of guns; both wave attention away from the notion of individual moral responsibility, which stands in opposition to all paternalism (be it Leftist, or religious conservative in particulars).

  24. rickn8or Says:

    Bryan, don’t think I didn’t hesitate more than once before putting up that WND link. I’m inclined to think SSRI’s are more of a factor than video games. (Disclaimer: NOT a gamer.)

    Still, use of SSRI’s by teenagers to be a recurrent theme for these spree killers, and there doesn’t seem to be much MSM coverage given to it. And I don’t think it’s because the MSM is afraid of Big Pharma.

  25. Bill Says:

    While their might be a link with SSRI’s, isn’t it just as likely that they all had SSRIs in their system related to trying to treat an underlying instability?

    (I’m suspicious of these chemicals as well.)

    I can see how certain video games could be an influence. (As a 20 year gamer, I have to say it’s as likely as a Judas Priest record played backwards.)

    There are people that aren’t given the guidance to discern the good from bad they see, and there sure as heck are people who understand the entire world as they’ve seen it through TV and movies. (ie: most of the gun grabbers and their perceptions of shooting, battles, violence, and crime.) So I can’t dismiss it entirely.

    Gut feeling? This is all about the destruction of the family unit and males in large.

    This is part of the “demonize” phase. We’re all smart enough to know that. The gun owners are the ones that can influence or obstruct the next stage.

    It seems we’re in “pre-revolutionary” phase of this socialist nonsense. And it also seems like the socialist revolutions succeed more often than they fail.

    I’d rather keep my eye on that ball.

  26. Sigivald Says:

    Bryan: Honestly, a sound heuristic.

    WND is a step above PrisonPlanet or the like, but it’s not a big step.

    (On Mikee’s side point, I played Day Of Defeat for a while, way back. It was interesting in that it attempted to have a “realistic” damage model: get shot with any sort of long gun, and you just die.

    Recoil is a bitch from a full-power rifle.

    All of that.

    And boy did it make tactics a little more realistic, even if “not really dying forever” changes things immensely.)

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