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Mall Shooter Used A Stag

Portland Police Sergeant says that was the gun used by the shooter. I have a couple of Stag lowers and they work great.

18 Responses to “Mall Shooter Used A Stag”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Does not matter how good your lower is if you have Crap mags or mags with bent feed lips!!

  2. Mike V. Says:

    Any weapon will malfunction if not properly maintained.

  3. Paul B Says:

    Probably mags. They are the easiest thing to mess up. Next would be a recoil horn that was not staked. They trun an AR into a single shot really quick.

  4. Other Steve Says:

    “how good your lower is”, “probably mags”, Paul I think you mean carrier key not staked.

    Wait… Do you guys think Stag is a good brand? I thought the point of this post was “See, they guy used a shit AR”, but you guys in the comments seem to think otherwise… strange.

    Stag sells garbage. All their guns are crazy over-gassed which can lead to ejection/extraction issues and magazine over-ride winding up with an empty chamber. I really thought everyone knew Stag was lower tier.

  5. ben Says:

    Stag is definitely not lower tier. They are a very good manufacturer in my opinion. They don’t always follow the tactical crowd’s checklist, but that really doesn’t mean a darn thing necessarily.

    Their receivers are always straight, their bolts have never failed me (some fancy pants brand bolts have failed me), and they really know their stuff when it comes to mass machining.

    I consider them an excellent value, mid range at worst.

  6. Tim Says:

    Like 99.99% of all firearms failures, it’s not the gun, it’s the gunner.

  7. Jon S Says:

    Other Steve,

    I think you’re the first person I’ve ever seen consider Stag as “lower-tier”. I’ve owned two in the past, and though they are not some $3000 platinum-plus AR, they are a good value at the price-point that they are marketed at.

    Never had a problem or jam in the 5 years that I owned mine. The only reason I sold them and went to something else was to cash in on the first Obama-election. Sold them for 3 times what I paid for them, after shooting’em both for 4-5 years.

    I think the overall opinion I’ve seen of them online is that they are on the upper-end of mid-range rifles.

  8. Other Steve Says:

    No. They are absolutely lower teir. The bolt parts might be fine but their barrels are garbage, their assembly (staking on RE and carrier is incossitant) and worst of all their gas system is every bit as bad or worse than DPMS, RRA, Bushmaster, Olympic, etc.

    Malfunction on a stag, I wouldn’t be so quick to blame the magazine. Those guns are designed to run weak ammo, if he stole it and it was loaded with something decent (75gr or 77gr or something) it EASILY could have been a FTE. I’ve seen this plenty.

  9. Mike Says:

    Never buy a fiream designed by an engineer high on peyote.

    Stoner probably got the idea for DI by watching chickens in the backyard: “Well, they crap where they eat, and its OK. Maybe I can build a rifle around the same principle. Genius! Derp.”

    AK all the way.

  10. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Keep in mind, it was a stolen gun, and the Nut Job probably got his training watch some YouTube Vids.

  11. aerodawg Says:

    A stag Model 1 lists for $800-$900.

    You can get a Colt 6920 at Wal-Mart for around $1100.

    A Bravo Company 16″ Mid-length can be had for around $980.

    For that relatively small difference in price, why would you go with the Stag with the issues Other Steve mentioned, when you can get the other two that are known to be high quality and not have those issues?

  12. Kristophr Says:

    A grade school in CT got his this morning by one or more active killers.

    The media is not helping by posting these assholes’ names and photos on the air. ( and I apologize for insulting assholes ).

  13. Kristophr Says:

    … got hit …

    club fingers there.

  14. Herschel Smith Says:

    Steve says RRA is not a good firearm? Crazy. Most reliable machine I’ve ever owned, and I’m an engineer. I’ve seen more component failures than most people. Mine has never malfunctioned regardless of the thousands of rounds I’ve put through it.

    I wouldn’t have a Colt, and I don’t know about Stag. But my RRA is perfect. Flawless.

  15. Other Steve Says:

    Oh Herschel, that’s nice. Do you put a 100 rounds down it every few months or have you taken a 2k+ round carbine class with it?

    Sorry, you might think it runs well and it might for occasional range use, but that’s only because it’s over-gassed. Add a suppressor, or run 1k of good 556 ammo, run it in -10 or 120degree, get 5k down it in even the best conditions and it’ll crap itself, Promise. However, it might be just fine for your uses.

    I’m an engineer as well, I don’t know what that has to do with anything.

  16. Seerak Says:

    Hey Unc, the link in the OP just sends us to one of the comments in … this thread.

  17. comatus Says:

    “Iím an engineer as well, I donít know what that has to do with anything.”

    Honest to God, that’s the first time I’ve ever read that on the Internet.

  18. Patrick H Says:

    Yeah, an RRA is a bad rifle? You are crazy. I’ve put THOUSANDS of rounds through mine, and hundreds in one sitting, and has not failed.