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Another mall shooting

And another shooting involving an AR-15 that malfunctioned.

14 Responses to “Another mall shooting”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    10 to 1 odds it was a Magazine induced jam!

  2. Kristophr Says:

    Another emo retard goes off. He needs to have his photos and name vanish from memory.

    Notice that immediate opposition by Clackamas County Deputies ( they have an office and a shooting range at that mall ) caused this loon to flee and kill himself in a service corridor.

  3. Michael Says:

    I’m starting to think that the whole Mall Ninja meme was actually an elaborate CIA psyop to convince these nut jobs to use crappy Beta Mags, an operation saving thousands of American lives.

  4. John Boch Says:

    Or perhaps, as he had standard mags, it was a dry gun.

    Thank goodness idiots don’t know how to do preventative maintenance on an AR to keep it running smoothly.


  5. aerodawg Says:

    Was probably an el-cheapo crap rifle too. I’ve seen low end ARs so far out of tolerance I’m surprised they run at all…

  6. Kristophr Says:

    Fortunately, he was not armed with a Mosin-Nagant.

  7. SteveA Says:

    Or an AK.
    I’ve got one we found rusted up in an old barn. Hit it with some flitz, then some mineral spirits and the damn gun fires!
    Looks like crap but just keeps on working.

  8. SgtNice Says:

    He was not opposed by anyone. He shot himself before the first officers arrived.

    They do not have a range at that mall. It is about a half mile north and not attached.

    Most likely he stopped due to the lockdown procedures of the mall.

    I was there. I’m a Portland Police Bureau Sgt.
    (And it was a Stag Arms for those that are curious)

  9. Matthew Carberry Says:

    From one news report yesterday he stole the gun from a neighbor or family member?

    So it was a gun with which he was unfamiliar which might explain the low casualties. Sounds like he wasn’t a shooter, just another person with issues who flipped and decided to take advantage of the media he knew he would get.

  10. comatus Says:

    Bad news for Stag in more ways than one. I think they’re the last gunmaker in New Britain, and share it with some extremely anti-gun factionists. It’s where the college student got the police called on him for writing a paper supporting concealed carry.

    The coincidence will be used against them in their home town; the jam, everywhere else.

  11. Charlie Foxtrot Says:

    I purchased a Stag Lower and Buffer Tube kit that I built into a 6.8 SPC. Their quality is fine and I was impressed with their quick, competent customer service.

    The fact that some miserable wacktard stole then misused their equipment should not reflect negatively on the company. Stupid is a stupid does.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

  12. RRangel Says:

    Yes, just forget about all that gun control, where murders reach in the hundreds every year. They hate guns there because it would endanger criminals.

  13. wildbill Says:

    I prefer Stag lower parts kits over any others. I’ve used Delton, DPMS, Colt, and Palmetto State Armory (PSA’s sucked), and Stag parts have been the best.

  14. Kristophr Says:

    Thank you for the correction, SgtNice.

    I think I’ll go stand in the corner with my dunce cap, for spewing without have all of my facts straight.

    Oh, and a grade school in CT got hit this morning by apparently a pair of looneys. These people need zero publicity, and anonymous graves. No more publicity for violent active killers please.