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Open Carry in Texas

A bill for that. I often forget that Texas has some goofy carry laws. You wouldn’t think that since it’s Texas.

14 Responses to “Open Carry in Texas”

  1. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Yeah, the real Texas, the one that people yammer about on-line or that is shown on the television horse operas, always has people open carrying guns.

  2. Great Wall of Texas Says:

    If it helps, most of Texas gun laws were remnants from the carpetbagger government imposed on the state following the War of Northern Aggression.

  3. B.Malloy Says:

    It’s quite frustrating that an shirt tail caught on your pistol or a stiff breeze blowing your cover garment to the side can end up with a revocation of your CHL.

  4. Great Wall of Texas Says:

    And the rest of the story:

    After the Republican carpetbaggers were voted out the pro-segregationist Democrats realized the firearm prohibitions were just what the needed to keep them pesky negras and mezkens in line, so they kept em on the books.


    It’s my understanding that (in Texas) for revocation the d-concealment has to be proven intentional.

  5. M. Inc Says:

    It is my understanding also that showing of a firearm must be intentional for CHL carriers. Open carry would be nice to have in Texas. I would fully support it. But I am not sure if I would open carry. I guess it’s the element of surprise or the unknown that I would like to keep (if I ever needed it).

  6. Great Wall of Texas Says:

    As for my support for open carry…

    Merry Christmas to me, merry Christmas to me…

  7. Phil in W Texas Says:

    It’s because Texas was (at least one of) the first to enact (new) concealed carry. They went out of their way to make a show of “responsibility/non cowboy intent. And then once they got it they’ve become quite proud (wedded) to it. That’s why I try not to hope too hard for things like constitutional carry. Of course they’ve opened things up with tweaks so who knows.

  8. comatus Says:

    Well there’s proof positive that you can’t have a morass of contradictory laws without…bipartisanship!

    Mares Leg, Von Dutch, really dude? There oughta be a short-rifle scabbard in every ’32 douche scoop.

  9. Great Wall of Texas Says:

    What can I say, I need something to counterbalance my 6 inch Dan Wesson large frame with fancy Hogue grips. I will need to stay clear of open bodies of water, of course.

    I’d make a bunch of kids and sell em all to own anything made by Kenneth Howard.

  10. mikee Says:

    An easy way to avoid the days of “Gunsmoke” is to allow open carry only by those with a CHL.

    Then in the 2016 session when it is clear the modern Matt Dillons have had no extra work for 2 years due to law abiding gun owners, Constitutional Carry can be passed.

  11. Bryan S. Says:

    M… really? You had to go there?

    I could care less if anyone can or will see your gun, its your choice. It should be your choice.

    Too damn bad we need to fight that attitude in fighting for the right to bear arms.

  12. Todd Says:

    I would love to see open carry here in Texas. Even if only to make carrying a bit more relaxed. I carry almost every day. Often I think about the chance of accidentally flashing my side arm and catching the wrong officer on the wrong day. The truth of the matter is the court system is not about truth or justice but laws. And if you find the wrong officer and the wrong judge you just might get screwed.

    Also wouldn’t mind seeing it just so I could freak a few people out when I start wearing the AR Pistol with a standard mag. especially would love to see the reaction of the few liberals I know.

  13. NotClauswitz Says:

    I would love to see open carry in Texas too, because the more the merrier and when California is the last and only state without it we’ll still be freezing in the dark with no oil either…

  14. Texas Terri Says:

    Correction…you can open carry in California…in unincorporated areas only.

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