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As a libertarian

I don’t think the man should have been arrested for telling kids Santa isn’t real. But he should have totally gotten his ass kicked.

9 Responses to “As a libertarian”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    You know, that’s actually un-libertarian.Using force like that violates his rights. But then again, this is why I’m not a Big L libertarian, because dammit, sometimes, a punch in the mouth is a pretty good way to solve issues, non-force-escalation-thingy be damned.

  2. Tango Says:

    To be fair, he was arrested for public intox, not a Santa related offense. Whether public intox laws are right is another argument.

  3. John Smith. Says:

    So you are saying that he should have Gotten his ass kicked for NOT LYING TO CHILDREN??? Most parents want their kids to be honest with them yet think NOTHING of lying to them…

  4. ATLien Says:

    No, John he would have gotten his ass kicked for being a douche, which is justifiable.

  5. TomcatTCH Says:

    Lots of us small l libertarian’s Robb:)

  6. Jake Says:

    To be fair, he was arrested for public intox, not a Santa related offense.

    Also for a probation violation. I suspect (though they don’t say) that whatever he’s on probation for probably involved alcohol, so not drinking could be one of the terms of his probation.

    Whether public intox laws are right is another argument.

    Agreed. As are “public disturbance” laws. On the other hand, most places have laws against behaviour likely to “provoke a breach of the peace”, and I would think that this certainly qualifies!

  7. John Smith. Says:

    So you are advocating pulling someone else pull a Trayvon Martin because they think he is a Douche? Or worse yet someone who carries may see him being assaulted and involves themselves with lethal force especially if more than 1 person is beating him??? What you guys are advocating is a Damn Dangerous path to follow… Contrary to popular belief the right to carry a gun does not make you or your views inviolate.. Punishing people who are bad is one thing; punishing people because you disagree with them is a whole other matter altogether…

  8. John Smith. Says:

    I am curious. What would they have arrested him for if he was not intoxicated??? Breach of the peace anyone? He was in breach of probation for minor drug or alcohol related crime. That is how it is applied under canadian law.

  9. Sid Says:

    John Smith,

    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. Robert E Howard