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Musical Interlude

He’s Johnny Cash and you’re not. In an interview, Trent Reznor said of this version “that song isn’t mine anymore”. Classy and correct.

17 Responses to “Musical Interlude”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I like

    Have you seen my Cash impersonation? Works with Elvis,
    or the other dead celebs.

  2. SPQR Says:

    Amazing how Cash made Reznor’s song into a quintessential Johnny Cash song. A song that Cash picked up and wore like a suit tailored for him.

  3. Erin Palette Says:

    I like to say that Johnny Cash was one of the very first (and best) goths. That he can take a NIN song and make it his is proof of that.

  4. countertop Says:

    It would be extra cool for Trent to introduce it I concerts as “This is a Johnny Cash song”.

  5. 45er Says:

    Talk about owning it. I would be honored if Cash took my song from me.

  6. nk Says:

    Grew up on him. I was not one of the cool kids, listening to FM rock. It was AM, WJJD Chicago.

  7. Michael Curtis Says:

    2004 called ……

  8. Old NFO Says:

    Class acts, on BOTH sides…

  9. Sebastian The Blogless Says:

    It was good in 2004, and it’s good now.

  10. Jerry Says:

    I love Johnny Cash. His music was, and is, an inspiration. Weirrd thing is, I know a guy who knew him. He thinks he was an asshole. Think about that.

  11. Andrew S Says:

    Cash’s cover of Rusty Cage by Soundgarden is amazing too

  12. SPQR Says:

    Jerry, I’m sure he was. Great talent does not often come accompanied by great personality. I don’t care. I want my singers to sing.

  13. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    I can believe Cash was an asshole. Hell, I know he was during his drug addicted early years.

    I heard the Trent Reznor version after I heard Cash’s. I didn’t like it. Reznor wrote this when he was in his late twenties. When he performs it, it feels like an whiny kid that needs to grow up to me. Cash’s version is the lament of an old man watching his life and work pass away before his eyes. I’ve seen that look in my grandfather’s eyes.

  14. Jerry Says:

    @Jeff, I agree.

  15. HL Says:

    This is pretty much the only Johnny Cash song I like.

    I respect him, but his music just never spoke to me the way his comtemporaries’ did…Willie, George, DAC, Waylon…or lordie, Waylon.

  16. Laughingdog Says:

    “Cash’s version is the lament of an old man watching his life and work pass away before his eyes.”

    I guess I heard more of a man who is lamenting how much pain he has caused in his life more than that he’s watching what he has pass away.

  17. Rabbit Says:

    Me too, Laughingdog. Me too.

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