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Might need more shirt. And go IWB.

37 Responses to “Made”

  1. Zack Says:

    lol I probably look the same most of the time with my g22 sitting at 3-o clock IWB. I can open carry in my state, so I don’t think I mind much

  2. aczarnowski Says:

    You’re probably the only person during that guy’s entire day that noticed.

  3. Fin Says:

    More T shirt and less fast food.


  4. Zack Says:

    Im thinking he needs to leave Arby’s

  5. Steve Says:

    Yeah, He’s definitely a lefty. I think thats a misdemeanor.

  6. Bubblehead Les Says:

    In all seriousness, I remember Michael Bane saying that one should wear the “Long” version of any Shirt or Blouse, no matter what your size is. Plus, it works to hide the “Plumbers Crack.” YMMV, of course.

  7. Dave Says:

    Might need less fast food

  8. bredafallacy Says:

    Dude, you’re like one of those creepers that takes sneaky photos of girls in short skirts.

  9. Sigivald Says:

    I’ll take your word for it that it was obvious in person.

  10. Pakkinpoppa Says:

    I got a photo of an off duty, out of state, “Statie” whose OWB carried “Block” kept…making muzzle appearances out of his untucked shirt.

    Being that we were not only in a church, but a church daycare center, had I been doing that I’d have been in a little trouble…

    But the crowd was mostly elementary school teachers and kids so I think I was the only one to notice. But it was like a train wreck…every time I looked he was pulling down his shirt to cover it back up.

  11. Dave Says:

    I live in rural Colorado, no one cares if you print or not. I carry IWB but don’t really give much thought to the printing issue.

  12. Hoth Says:

    In some states he’d be guilty of a felony right now. How wrong is that?

  13. HL Says:

    I think he is wearing rocker shoes, so he is trying to get into shape.

    He looks better than I do.

  14. Jim Brack Says:

    Maybe its just me, but the last thing I want to do is let folks know that I am carrying.

  15. countertop Says:


    You assume he has a gun there. Who cares? Is that an issue?

    It’s a felony to print? In what state?

  16. Josh A. Says:

    Insulin pump

  17. Old NFO Says:

    More shirt less McD’s… 🙂

  18. rickn8or Says:

    Those that are concerned with Printing While Packing and Plumber’s Butt issues should check out duluthtrading dot com. They specialize in longer shirts, etc. for just that issue. (Plumber’s Butt that is.

  19. Paul Says:

    I think the guy just didn’t care if he was made.

    Here in Texas they could call the cops on him and he would have to do some fast explaining.


  20. NotClauswitz Says:

    In Oakland sumdood would get all weird-up and distract him, while another guy would slid up and clock him and take it. Free gun!

  21. orbitup Says:

    @rick – They used to call it crack spackle.

    @Paul – It’s not illegal to print in Texas.

  22. Jerry Says:

    IWB and his problem is solved. I have good friends who still don’t know that I carry. It just seems a bad idea, TO ME, to try and force the issue. I can only recall being ‘made’ once, THAT I KNOW OF. It was at a scout meeting, and the man who ‘made’ me never said anything. Not to me, I don’t know about anyone else. I guess that’s my point. You don’t have to show it, to have it. Life is not a gunfight. It can, however, (Insert Murphy’s Law here)……

  23. Hoth Says:

    It’s illegal in ND and I believe in several other states as well.

  24. Linoge Says:

    Open carry is legal here in TN.

    I do not even look any more. Just easier to assume everyone is carrying.

  25. Druid Says:

    If had such a build I’d be wearing a ‘bro’ and a shear shirt for uncontainable sexiness.

    And stop undressing my hips with your eyes.

  26. jon spencer Says:


  27. Ron Larimer Says:

    I saw one of those today… except I made him BEFORE I saw the outline of his gun. Shaved head over weight, 5.11 pants, black polo, with obvious spider embroidery (turned out to have cross hairs too), had a “standing wave” in his shirt that didn’t move with him and then when he leaned over you could almost guarantee it was a OWB Glock 26.

  28. John Smith. Says:

    Damn.. That is the same Print as my IPhone holder!

  29. Sendarius Says:

    Having friends not know you carry is one thing – my WIFE doesn’t know that I carry.

    Of course it is totally illegal here, and she may be “choosing to not know”, but she has never said anything about it.

    Full-size .45 1911 until that went away, now alternately a Glock in .40S&W or an STI Edge in .38 Super – but don’t tell anyone.

    Strange though, now that I think about it – whenever I am carrying she seems to always walk on my left. Maybe she DOES know.

  30. John Smith. Says:

    I figure She is Carrying too and you do not know it….

  31. Patrick Says:

    Depends on the person, too. My tiny wife will print even IWB but nobody expects a hipster-ish sub-5’0″ “girl” to be carrying. She doesn’t fit the stereotype.

    People see what they expect. Gun people will see guns many others will not. Puts us in the same league as LEOs and crooks.

  32. MrSatyre Says:

    Not saying you’re right or you’re wrong, but it IS pretty amazing how many folks here are so obsessed with conceal carry.

  33. Paul Says:


    Texas Penal Code Section 46.035(a) reads:

    A license holder commits an offense if the license holder carries a handgun on or about the license holder’s person under the authority of Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code, and intentionally fails to conceal the handgun.

    When it says ‘fails to conceal’ printing IS failing to conceal your gun. You don’t have to open your coat so everyone sees the gun to fail to conceal it.

    The only question is, will anyone even see the printing.

  34. Chris Says:

    Paul, I think the part you are overlooking is “intentionally” fails to conceal.

  35. Chris from AK Says:

    I would bet money that the only people who would notice are LEOs, other CCWers, and a fair number of criminals. THe average person is likely not going to notice, and if they do, they’ll assume it is a technology device. Everyone has so much crap on their belts these days…

    I don’t care one bit about printing, frankly. I wear a comfortable OWB holster conceals pretty well and generally opt for a looser shirt but if I print somewhat, so what? Even my comfiest IWB holster (I’ve tried several — the SuperTuck is the best) is slower to draw from and less comfortable then a nice OWB. I like carrying a service handgun rather than a pocket pistol. I open carry from time to time where it is legal to do so and the majority of folks don’t even notice that (black gun, dark holster, dark shirt…), and even fewer care, so I don’t know why you’d think that everyone is going to notice some printing.

  36. Hoth Says:


    “Paul, I think the part you are overlooking is “intentionally” fails to conceal.”

    Paul is right.
    I’ll ask you the same question someone asked me when I made a similar argument to yours.

    Are you willing to risk your future on your ability to argue the plain meaning of words with a shit eating lawyer who cares more about winning than justice?

  37. John Smith. Says:

    The police MUST have Probable Cause to believe you have a firearm and not a Cell phone, Insulin pump, Heart monitor or any other belt mounted device… Someone tells a cop they think a person has a gun that does not mean shit.. Unless you see the Gun PHYSICALLY, stopping a person for doing nothing at all is a risky proposition.. Texas is NOT NYC where that shit flies… Falsely accusing someone of breaking the law is HUGE risk Fiscally for law enforcement. Moreover if they damage the NON Gun that can put you in a world of hurting especially if the device is Medically REQUIRED! Hence why you almost NEVER hear of Texas cops stopping people for printing… Its a fucking liability!

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