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Democrats and guns

Interesting stuff from this piece called What The Left Won’t Tell You About The Boom In U.S. Gun Sales: the number of Democratic households with firearms in their homes skyrocketed from 30 percent in 2009 to 40 percent today.

Excellent. It’s kind of like a summary of all of the We’re Winning posts.

3 Responses to “Democrats and guns”

  1. Pyrotek85 Says:

    I bet most of those are with defense in mind too, not hunting.

  2. Jack Says:

    Pryo. I’d agree.

    With Gun Culture 2.0 Defense is the main, and “polite company” reason for owning a firearm with Washington’s Duck Blind being the streatch reason.

    Where with Gun Culture 1.0 Hunting (or collecting or sporting) where the “polite company” reasosn, with self defense as a fringe.

  3. AZ Fortune Cookie Says:

    My best friend is a registered Democrat and he’s got more guns than I do. He keeps them for self-defense, and his belief is that pretty much everyone should have a firearm, at all times (with the obvious exception of the mentally ill and those with violent, criminal histories).

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