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Your government at work

DOJ blocks it’s own conferencing tool.

Man is fined for not selling enough food. Liquor laws are some of the dumbest things ever. They are arbitrary and the result of lobbying and church groups. Anyway, it’s also good to see a newspaper call for less nanny state. Never thought I’d see that.

FBI did not investigate Fort Hood Shooter because it wasn’t PC.

3 Responses to “Your government at work”

  1. mikee Says:

    So if I report 4 sales of $1000 appetizer plates, I’m can avoid a fine of $10,000 each month?

    This is a business decision. What is the tax on the declared $4000 of sales? Say 25%? Then I am paying a tax of $1000 a month to stay open, rather than a fine of $10,0000.

    I can stay open almost a whole year for the same expense as honestly reporting my lackluster food sales for one month.

    If the liquor sales are adequate to cover the taxation, and provide enough profit that I want to stay in business, my menu is going to consist of $1000 per plate appetizers, and I’m going to sell 4 per month.

  2. mikee Says:

    edit before posting (repeat 100x)

    Further, I will work during that year I can stay open to change the law on food sales.

  3. Mike V. Says:

    In TN with a standard on premesis license, 50% of revenue must come from food sales (they are considered restaurants, go figure) of they face a penalty, which had never been enforced before the guns in restaurants fight in 2009. Once establishments began facing finces, they got the legislature to create “liquor only” licenses as well which are not subject to the 50% rule. Also, most people don’t know that liquor can only be sold in cities in our lovely state.

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