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Rep. Debra Maggart lost her race. She was always nice to me and we’ve emailed a few times. However, she lost a lot of credibility saying that gun nuts won’t just start voting democrat. A good lesson for politicians to learn in Tennessee.

And I’d say this story is BS. There’s no reason to resign a life membership.

Meanwhile, at Reason and NPR, they seem upset that NRA is, you know, a gun group and not a private property group.

After our reported Year of the Gun, which only happened in the minds of the local press, the legislature has pretty much ignored gun owners.

3 Responses to “Primaried”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Well, the NRA has been warning Politicians that they better toe the line on ALL Gun Legislation this Election Cycle, or else they will lose their NRA Support.

    Mine and Breda’s Congress Critter , Steve LaTourette ignored the NRA’s Warning, and decided to vote “NO” when Holder’s Contempt of Court over Fast and Furious came to the House Floor. He was one of only 2 Republicans to Vote “NO.”

    Guess who just announced his Resignation a couple of days ago, because of the “Lack of Civility” and “Bipartisanship” in Congress? Kind of Hard to get Campaign Funds from Donors when you Piss on Them.

  2. Steve in TN (@sdo1) Says:

    The NRA and the media like to say Maggart lost because of the NRA. The real reason was TFA’s John Harris and a lot of grass roots types that got very mad at the double dealing behind closed doors.

    I know I’ve been talking up a LOT of people at permit and other gun classes since last year; bunches of them are from Maggart’s district.

    The NRA helped a lot, but they were planting in ground tilled by Harris and a lot of folks that listen to him.

    Here’s hoping that Haslam, Harwell, and Ramsey are listening to the lesson.

  3. CapitalistPig Says:

    The commenters at Reason and the guy from Cato trusted the NPR report, then they got lost in their own bellybuttons.

    Hopefully, other politicians will learn a lesson from Rep. Maggart’s experience.