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Recommendations for concealed carry

A man wearing those pants can carry anything he wants. No one will notice, they’ll be looking at the pants.

15 Responses to “Recommendations for concealed carry”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Unless he’s on the Back Nine at the local Golf Course. Then he might need a smaller Weapon. ; )

  2. rickn8or Says:

    Correction– They’ll be trying desperately NOT to look at those pants.


  3. HL Says:

    Those are called “Prick Shorts” because of the type of person that wears them. A good friend of mine sports them all the time.

  4. John Smith. Says:

    I prefer the don’t give a fuck if you can tell I have a concealed weapon carry style…

  5. Laughingdog Says:

    He was wearing both those shorts and a Livestrong shirt at the Carolina Cup. He caught a lot of grief for both.

  6. Jake Says:

    A man walks down the street in those pants, people know he’s not afraid of anything.

  7. Drake Says:

    HL: and yet he won’t wear the dashing hat.

  8. BalloonGoesUp Says:

    That is an old picture but I am wearing them today. I like my plaid shorts!

    I call them either “Suburban Camo” or “Tactical Plaid” because they blend in better at the mall than 5.11’s

  9. BobG Says:

    I don’t know which frightens me more, the pants or the gun…

  10. NotClauswitz Says:

    At least he’s not wearing MC Hammer parachute pants, you could hide an AR under those. *Plaid* parachute-pants would be against the Geneva Convention.

  11. matt d Says:

    You must be thinking about the Hague convention.

  12. The Freeholder Says:

    The Seventies Live!

  13. Critter Says:

    it were a brave man who first wore those pants.

  14. Jerry Says:

    Retinal abuse, nothing more, and nothing less.

  15. Blake Says:

    Definitely not “shoot-me-first” pants.

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