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Reap, sow

Seems the man who videotaped the situation in which he wound up killing someone and was convicted for it bought the propaganda from the press and the anti-gunners (but I repeat myself).

4 Responses to “Reap, sow”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    This is exactly the result the media wanted. They deliberately twist “Stand Your Ground” so they can get it repealed. And, it is impossible to shame them about it.

  2. Stormy Dragon Says:

    Rodriguez’s victims seem to have been suffering from the same weird delusion:

    When one of the party-goers saw Rodriguez’s gun, he suggested he is getting his own. “When I go in that house and come back,” he warned, “don’t think I won’t be equal to you, baby.”

    If there’s a guy on the fron lawn with a gun, why in heaven’s name would you come back out?

  3. richard Says:

    Sounds like too much booze, too much testosterone and zero IQ.

    When a bunch of people were carousing and loudly singing in the hot tub next door, as my wife was trying to put the baby to bed, I cracked a beer, walked next door, raised the beer in greeting and said, “you guys should keep your day jobs.” When they got done laughing, they invited me to join them. I said, “no thanks, but we’re trying to put a little one to bed, could you keep it down to a roar?”

    They were apologetic and agreed to tone it down. I said,”no need to apologize for having fun, but thanks.”

    I guess it’s all in the delivery. I carry a pistol all the time, but I didn’t flash it. If I thought I would need a gun, I would have just called the cops. This way, I got my quiet and made friends too.

  4. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Delivery, like shot placement, is key. Some are better at PR than others. This guy was a schmuck. Schmuck enough someone died. That’s not right.