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As a warning to others

In NJ, killing nuisance squirrels can result in 6 months in jail.

12 Responses to “As a warning to others”

  1. Cargosquid Says:

    Shoot, Shovel, Shut UP.

    Apparently he forgot that he wasn’t living in America.

  2. Bryan S. Says:

    Waste of meat there… but it is a NJ squirrel… so.. hmm.

  3. Ian Argent Says:

    It would appear they’re charging him for animal cruelty, probably due to hanging the carcasses out. I’m a little surprised they’re not piling on discharge of a firearm; most localities in union County prohibit discharge in city limits. However, as long as he was on his property, he was legally in possession

  4. JD Rush Says:

    Damn, if I lived in Jersey I’d be in prison for life that time I helped desquirrel a corn bin. How is hanging a dead squirrel on the fence animal cruelty?
    A: it’s already dead, biology class dropouts.
    B: How else do you warn away the other squirrels? 😉

  5. Weer'd Beard Says:

    The people who passed and leveled the fine should have a family of squirrels (including grandparents who won’t survive until spring) nest in their attic.

    Nothing like having your insulation ripped up, soiled with leavings and rotting dead animals!

  6. Joel Says:

    Judging strictly from the evidence, I’ve become convinced that breathing in an unapproved manner can result in jail time in NJ.

    Really, how can it be that there’s anybody left in NJ not incarcerated? Seems like they’ve got laws against pretty much everything.

  7. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    The only effective way to warn away the other squirrels is to put the heads of those vanquished on spikes in the garden. I wouldn’t want to warn them, though, rather to lure, er, invite them in, as the guests of honor at a dinner party.

  8. comatus Says:

    He’s charged with hunting over bait, then. If you poison them and let them rot where they lay, you’re golden. Trap & drown, shovel and shut up, you’re ecologically sound. It was using the peanut butter to assure a safe shot that got him. Well, that and tanning the hides. Can’t be seen competing with NJ’s exclusive furriers.


    Shoot, shovel, and shuttup.

  10. Countertop Says:

    I was arrested in October 1989, the Saturday after turning 18, for hunting squirrels with a crossman BB gun. My offense, not possessing a firearms owner ID. The fact that there is no fire involved with a BB gun was lost on them. I was 18 (the only one in my group of friends) and had a dangerous rifle. Th only thing that kept me out of jail was the police chief who knew me, and whose wife played tennis ever week with my mom – and who didn’t want to have to deal with her.

  11. Beaumont Says:

    A good remedy for this silliness would be to release squirrels in the state house. Lots of them.

  12. Mayor Joel Stoner Says:

    Shoot Shovel and shut-up is a very popular term in Missouri. There have been people convicted of killing animals that Missouri Department of Natural Resources claims do not exist in the state of Missouri. How is that possible? If mountain lions do not exist in Missouri, then how can it be illegal to shoot them? They also claim not to have cotton mouth’s, or panthers.

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