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In Illinois

A concealed carry course is being offered in the only state that doesn’t have some form of handgun carry.

7 Responses to “In Illinois”

  1. Mike Says:

    I can see where this might be handy: completion of the course shows “competency” to get a non-resident permit in a state you intend to visit (VA, FL, and so on).


  2. Cargosquid Says:

    And all those Aldermen need instruction too….

  3. Don Gwinn Says:

    CCW courses are popping up all over the state faster than I can keep count of them. They’re all centered on Utah and Florida for now . . . . . if you have those two, you can carry in every state that borders Illinois.

    The CSC course is far from unique. There are several trainers running courses in Springfield (I recently took my computer in to be updated, and the IT guy–already a known gunnie–was telling me about the Utah courses he teaches.) I recently joined a discount club of sorts in a small town about 30 minutes north and east of me, while someone’s running Florida courses every month or so in the next little town over, a village of about 2500 people. It’s everywhere.

  4. John Boch Says:

    If these are the same yahoos who taught a very similar class at a small college in southern Illinois earlier this year, watch out!

    That bunch was charging $20 for application packets that are free from AZ & FL.

    Their instructor was borderline incompetent, giving advice like “you should carry with an empty chamber… it’s the only way to do it safely” and “you should rack your empty-chambered handgun on your pants”.

    They have been banned from at least one range complex in Central IL as well.

    Caveat emptor.

  5. Don Gwinn Says:

    John, what makes you say that? Is it the “Carry-Safe Training” name? I haven’t kept up.

    I don’t know how specific you want to get, but were they banned from a popular outdoor place near Bloomington?

  6. John Boch Says:

    Yes, they were banned from the range west of Bloomington.

    Again, I’m not sure these are the same people, but the format of the event matches the one held early in the year down south exactly.

    If these are the same people, avoid them like the plague.


  7. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Sounds like there are good and bad, but if ill-annoy ever caved to carry, they’d most likely examine the courses available, and set the standards just above what the best one offers, just so’s you’d have to start over.