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Guns deaths v. car deaths

The Violence Policy Center has gone and made up another study saying that gun deaths exceed car deaths. Well, under a specific set of circumstances in some states. No data points or break outs are provided, of course. These bogus ‘studies’ will lead to a coordinated campaign from the press and anti-gunners (but I repeat myself).

And there are other problems with ‘the study’.

3 Responses to “Guns deaths v. car deaths”

  1. Scott Ganz Says:

    As many of the commenters have rightly pointed out, these statistics are fairly meaningless if they include firearm suicides. Take the guns away, and they’ll simply kill themselves by other means… possibly even using their cars.

    Adding suicide to “gun deaths” is one of the oldest tricks in their book. The famous Kellerman study, anyone?

  2. PN NJ Says:

    According to CDC WISQARS mortality data for 2009 (latest figures available), there were 36,399 motor vehicle deaths in the US, compared to 12,612 firearms deaths (excluding suicide).

  3. blounttruth Says:

    Another study that came out yesterday that was very interesting when talking about things that kill people.

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