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Quote of the Day

Larry on facebook:

So yesterday, OWS tore up a couple of cities, sent fake anthrax to banks, and tried to blow up a bridge… I for one can’t wait for the media expose about racists in the Tea Party.

11 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Social Media Sebastian Says:

    He’ll have a long wait, as the Mitt-mentum has made the TP essentially irrelevant.

  2. ATLien Says:

    I’d quit smoking what you’re smoking.

  3. Jeffersonian Says:

    All in all tho’.

    Mostly peaceful.

  4. Cal Says:


    I think Rich Lugar and Orrin Hatch might disagree.

  5. submandave Says:

    I, too, love the “mostly peaceful” tag-line MSM reports feel obligated to add.

    “He’s only mostly dead, and mostly dead is partly alive.” – Miracle Max

  6. Sigivald Says:

    SMSebastian: The pseudo-grass-roots haven’t stopped obsessing over the Tea Party, and I doubt the mainstream will, either, since they can just pretend that “Tea Party” means “Republicans”.

    (Also, what’s with the spammity-spam-spam URL?)

  7. Rich K Says:

    Once elected and able to fully dissapoint the tea party with no action on anything of actual import to saving this economy yes. Until then the TP folks will hope for the best.I wish them all the best but I sadly see them as just so many suckers,much like the hope and change brigade of 2008.
    Prove mne wrong Romney ,Please!

  8. Scot Says:

    The Tea Party folks are not “suckers” for throwing in behind Romney. Despite being a RHINO, he is the only person in the country right now who can get rid of Obama. And, he is starting to sound like a hawk on the economy. The more he talks about it, the more I like what I hear.

  9. richard40 Says:

    I agree Scott. Romneys recent speeches sound like he is pretty serious about cutting spending and regulation and ending crony capitalism, the essential things that need to be done. And the Tea Party is still pretty important for electing conservative members to the senate, a task every bit as important as voting out Obama.

    I am not as worried about Romney as many are. I think he is the type of guy that will be as conservative as he thinks he can be and still be elected. Of course in a leftist state like MA that meant being an occasional rhino (even the tea party heroes Scott Brown, and Gov Christie have had rhino positions). But I have noticed that once he started running for prez he has become much more conservative, especialy on spending, economic regulation, and foreign policy, where being conservative is the most important.

    Some people condemn anybody that changes their positions, but if they are changing them because their constituents demand it, I dont think that is so bad. After all, isn’t one of the worste things about Obama that once it became apparent in 2010 that he should move to the middle, he refused to, unlike Clinton did after 1994? As long as we elect a conservative house and senate, and we keep the pressure on for conservative change, and rally the public behind it, he will be OK.

  10. werewife Says:

    Mitt Romney may not be as conservative as I and others would like him to be on some issues, but he possesses what has become the prime requisite of a US President. Namely, HE IS NOT A DAMN FOOL. That’s enough for me to put my sword at his service.

    Thanks for a perfectly true Quote of the Day.

  11. Salt Lick Says:

    Tea Partiers are no more “suckers” than were the last 2000 men in Washington’s failing army who crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve in 1776 and turned the Revolution around.

    And you can be damned sure that the other 10,000 men who had deserted during the harried march across New Jersey, God Bless them, wished for the rest of their life they’d stuck with it and been there to watch those Hessians lay down their arms.