Doesn’t he know his employer is anti-gun?

Google project manager wins Top Shot.

6 Responses to “Doesn’t he know his employer is anti-gun?”

  1. ParatrooperJJ says:

    Be interesting to see how long he keeps his job.

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    I know another guy who works at Google and rocks the X-ring, he shoots NRA High Master.

  3. D2k says:

    The internal structure of Google is such that I bet he could get a shooting range at his office if enough of the people in his building expressed an interest.
    The policies that result in Google appearing to be somewhat antigun are not connected to the engineering side.
    If enough of the progun community within Google presented the management with their views on why the antigun policies are problematic it would go a long way to fixing those issues.
    Sadly the engineers I know at Google are somewhat ambivalent toward guns.

  4. Teke175 says:

    Geeks shooting guns. The writer of the article hasn’t searched very far in blogosphere for gunnies who are by definition geeks.

    There are a ton of us out here.

  5. Tirno says:

    The next Top Shot inside-the-family-feud won’t be Army vs Navy vs Air Force vs Marine vs Coast Guard vs Homeland Security.

    It’ll be Microsoft vs Apple vs Cisco vs F5 Networks vs Google vs MITRE.

  6. Todd S says:

    Don’t you mean “former” employer?