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The TSA at work

Pilot tells some TSA agents to stop with the profanity. Agent throws coffee at pilot.

3 Responses to “The TSA at work”

  1. derek Says:

    I was following a group of 8 TSA peeps as they walked to their break room on Thursday and I heard them refer to travelers multiple times as whiny bitches and that the next time on of them bitches gets mouthy they were going to slap them down.

    Not a good sign when the employees are disparaging their customers (or reason for existence in this case) the way they were.

    I will have you know that the world was safe from my cuff links though. That nudie scanner caught and I had to get the pat down to check them out…

  2. derek Says:

    I just realized the article was in reference to JFK. I was in LaGuardia. I guess the NY branch of the TSA doesn’t care.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Yet another instance of using “assault coffee”. Obviously we need to ban coffee.

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