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Norse code

A bachelors degree in viking studies? Wow.

Someone should write a book about that. Oh, wait.

10 Responses to “Norse code”

  1. Montieth Says:

    Come now, a viking studies major at least gives one a background in how to rape, pillage, THEN burn. Most liberals can’t seem to get that right and do it in their own neighborhoods. Vikings know enough to do that in someone elses neighborhood. Heck, some even got hired out from very far away to contract out their services (see also Varangian Guard).

  2. Tam Says:

    I’m trying to figure out what’s so kooky about a specialized history degree? I mean “history” is a pretty broad major, and most folks do tend to focus on one period or culture. Considering the impact of the Viking era in England, I’d be kinda shocked if they didn’t have some strong programs covering it in their universities.

    Betcha you can major in Plains Indian (or nomadic Native American cultures) studies at Nebraska…

  3. Zendo Deb Says:

    You don’t get it Tam, this is part of an effort to finish what the Communists started in the 1920s, and basically reduce education, including advanced education of college and beyond, to training. Not even vocational training per se, just teach kids how to be cogs in the wheel. Even if they want to be computer-programming cogs, or engineering-cogs, or whatever. Don’t teach them how to think for themselves. Don’t teach them how civilizations failed in the past. (The people that started this drive for “vocational” relevance were trying to pull this civilization down – looks like they’ve just about succeeded, when their natural enemies now accept one of their basic premises.)

    History? It’s a joke. Doesn’t matter that no one knows our history anymore, or say the history of how Napoleon came to power in France, or Hitler in Germany, or Caesar in Rome for that matter. So when it happens again, everyone will be “Shocked – shocked – to discover” that things go bad. (I just got a great loaf of bread, the circus is about to come on my HD!)

    Philosophy? All I need to know is that “this is a Christian nation.” I don’t need to worry about what the greatest minds of all time thought about rights, and governance, liberty or the true meaning of equality – which isn’t equal outcomes. So when something like Obamacare comes along, there are hardly any people with a vocabulary to tell you why it is wrong, and no one understands the people who do have that vocabulary. (Why should I bother to defend Liberty, when it the press makes it sound like freedom to be irresponsible.)

    Not that everyone should get a degree in philosophy. Or history. But some people should, and everyone should know a little. But it is too late. The communists did succeed in cutting America off from its past. (Witness the result!)

    If you are expecting college to be vocational, save your money and become a plumber. There is less chance you job will be outsourced to India.

    Once upon a time, not very long ago, in this land, everyone with a college degree would have been able to write. Most people with a high school diploma would have been able to write. (Today people “graduate” from high school who can’t read English, let alone write a coherent thought.) Most people would have been familiar with Aquinas, Locke, Hobbes, and would have read Hume – even if they didn’t agree with him.

    But that was old thinking. Or something. This is the new age. It’s a brave new world. Now be a good a Beta and take your Soma. (Of course I doubt many will get that reference, because the book was written by a dead white man.)

  4. Jack Says:

    And as for the utility, it seems broadly similar in fiscal use as any other specialized history degree.

    Me, I’ve got no problem with someone wanting to go off and learn whatever they want.

    It’s when they come back complaining about the debts they’ve racked up and demanding a “worthy” job and that I pay for their 4+ years at Ivy Fantasy Camp.

    It’s not like I can buy a luxury car and play with ti for half a decade and then demand someone else pay for it. Well… I can, and people do… especially with houses.


    Really, “higher education” is either a capital expense for basic skills/acreditation for employment in certian fields. In that case it is done with the hope of getting a job that will pay for the expense and would be unobtainable without said degree.

    If it’s not done with the goal of a specific trade in mind then university is something someone takes because they have a passion for knowledge, want to better themseleves, or just want to go, which then it’s a luxury expense.

    Which isn’t to say it’s bad. Again, I don’t mind you buying a speedboat, but I don’t want to pay for it.

  5. Jack Says:

    On a similar note, I don’t mind you buying a lathe or milling machine, but don’t expect me to pay for it because the work didn’t materialize to meet your payments on it.

  6. HL Says:

    This is not directed at anyone in particular, but when did having a Liberal Arts Degree become equated with wanting others to pay your way?

    Increasingly it seems many assume because one has a BA that they are somehow part of the OWS movement. There are a lot of pretty happy BA holders out there. I am one of them.

    The “Liberal” in Liberal Arts doesn’t mean what you think it means…

  7. Jack Says:

    Equated? Nah. That’s why I put in my addendum comment.

    I suppose some of that sesne comes from the idea that it is harder to pay off a LA degree as opposed to a STEM degree.

    Though that depends on costs and income.

  8. comatus Says:

    To be perfectly fair, HL, neither does the “Arts.”
    What do you need that degree for? What do you need that beef for? What do you need that gun for? They have a lot of questions, and they dangle a lot of prepositions, too.

  9. Tam Says:

    They have a lot of questions, and they dangle a lot of prepositions, too.

    Sometimes I really miss you.

  10. HL Says:

    Comatus…to whom are you referring as “they”?

    On any given weekend, there will be four LA types sitting around my pool eating a lot of beef and shooting some guns, too. To any that would ask what our “need” is (and I know you are not) we would ask them in reply “what the fuck has need got to do with it?”