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Speaking of Smith and Wesson

Sales up 24%!

6 Responses to “Speaking of Smith and Wesson”

  1. Justin Buist Says:

    Son of a… I was thinking about buying stock in them just a couple of days ago, figured I’d hold off unless I found a good reason.

    And it’s up 20% this morning.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    And they didn’t even need a Gooberment Stimulas Package to to do it!

    Of course, this is “Unpossible!” The Bradys say Gun Sales are DOWN!

  3. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    I said many years ago gun nuts should buy up enough S&W stock to win a shareholder vote to get rid of the damn locks.

    I wonder how the sales track with the blog post about the M&P?

  4. Montieth Says:

    But gun ownership is down….

  5. Andy Says:

    Remember, there are fewer gun owners today.

    What a laugh.

  6. Jerry Says:

    I just hope that ess & dubb do the revolver line better service than ponyco did. I have a soft spot for wheel guns.