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About those Astros

Looks like they will keep the gun logo.

12 Responses to “About those Astros”

  1. Mik Says:

    Well done astros fans and owner. I’m sure you will sell more jerseys this way also.

  2. Mik Says:

    i hope the caps say “.45’s” too.

  3. SweetHomeDixie Says:

    So it’s safe to assume that FOX will not carry those games?

  4. Ted N Says:


  5. Mike Says:

    Now if only the Astros would not suck.

  6. Mik Says:

    Yes. The “.45s” stays on the caps too.
    They need to go back to these uniforms – sharp!

  7. Old NFO Says:

    Well done is right! Bout damn time ‘somebody’ stood up to the PC crowd!

  8. Leatherwing Says:

    The jersey can be seen on the Astro’s MLB shop in a banner ad, but I couldn’t find where the shirt itself is for sale.

  9. JD Rush Says:

    As a Cardinals fan, it will hurt to buy one, but I’ll at least buy a hat. Maybe I’ll wear it to Wrigley this summer. Oh, hell, I’ll get both and wear them to the Iowa Cubs. Michael Gartner owns them right now. If only to piss him off.

  10. chris Says:

    I forgot (or missed) that the Washington Bullets changed its team name to the Washington Wizzards around 15 years ago.

    MLB provides a venue for working stiffs to watch billionaires argue with multimillionaires over money and to let its athletes so distance themselves from the rest of us that they actually sell their signatures to fans.

    And its history is so corrupted that it is really impossible to even know its best home run hitter of all time.

    But it feels the need to moralize us about the inherent evil and danger of seeing a Colt SAA on the front of a player jersey.

    Like we would respect its opinion.

    This reminds me of the indignation of the NCAA, which is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, about the fact that some of its teams actually are named after Amrican indians and tribes.

  11. ATLien Says:

    hey chris. people buy them fron people who went to the ballpark early or to spring training to get a FREE autograph. Hall of famers sell their autographs. Cause there’s a market and arthritis medicine can get pricey.

  12. RobinGoodfellow Says:

    Well, good!

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