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Secret Warrants

Some scary bills:

Two bills recently introduced by Gov. Bob McDonnell would permanently seal search warrants issued to use a tracking device to follow a suspect.

Such warrants would be unsealed only at the request of a prosecutor or defendant. Typically, most search warrants become public record 15 days or less after being granted by a judge.

The public’s business should be one in public.

4 Responses to “Secret Warrants”

  1. Jake Says:


    Another scary part is the secrecy provision that would make it a crime for anyone to release even the existence of the warrants without .gov permission.

    The unauthorized disclosure or publication of the existence of a search warrant issued pursuant to this section, application for such search warrant, any affidavit filed in support of such warrant, or any return or data obtained as a result of such search warrant is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

    I’ve written my representatives, but I have little hope – my Senator already voted for the bill in committee.

  2. Cantankerous Coonass Says:

    This is why we shouldn’t assume that someone is a friend of freedom, just because he signed a couple of pro-2A bills (one of which had been passed for the third time).

  3. Jake Says:

    Update: The Senate version has passed, unanimously. It now has to go to the House for approval. The House version looks to be on the verge of passing, but they have adjourned for the day.

    Looks like we’re buggered.


    This is why we need wookiesuiters in the legislature. Without them, stuff like this just gets passed without second thought.

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