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Yes, but . . .

Shelley: Thatís an AOW

ATF has a handy guide, which will change at their whim when it suits them.

Actually, maybe. You see, some folks live in a magical state where they’ve warped reality so that that is not an AOW. Maybe. At least a couple of courts have told the ATF that their for classification of pistols with vertical forward grips as AOWs doesn’t fly. ATF’s position is, basically, it’s an AOW because they say so. And the court’s said that’s not good enough. ATF will still charge someone with that crime, though. They, as an agency, make it a policy to disregard court rulings.

One Response to “Yes, but . . .”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Somehow I think that if I asked them to clarify US V Davis it would probably result in a search of my house and an arrest for owning a 100,000 square foot machine gun factory that I managed to hide in downtown Chicago… Yes I am using ATF logic for that description.