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Where Great Britain Used To Be

Picture > 1,000 words

10 Responses to “Where Great Britain Used To Be”

  1. Robert Says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t arrested the reporter for wading into the lake to do the story afterwards…

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Looks like the Scene up here at Chardon High School well after the Shooter Fled the Building.

    Just another case of Your Tax Dollars at Work.

  3. ExurbanKevin Says:

    Rue, Britannia.

  4. Tirno Says:

    The good news is that if you are trying to get away from the bobbies, all you have to do is go out into water over ankle height. Sir Robert Peel would be appalled.

    What a bunch of jobsworths.

    Incidentally, when Celeborn asked Haldir to take a company of archers to the aid of Theoden King at Helm’s Deep, he demurred.

    “Why will you not do this?” pressed Galadriel.

    “Elven Safety.”

  5. Standard Mischief Says:

    Damn, even that reported donned an auto-inflating life preserver before walking out that far. Swimming pools must be interesting over there.

  6. junyo Says:

    Same thing happened in the US, only the FD & PD stood there and watched him die:

  7. Secret Squirrel Says:

    Re: the US version.

    >As for police, they didn’t have the gear for the cold water and couldn’t risk being pulled under.

    >”Certainly this was tragic, but police officers are tasked with ensuring public safety, including the safety of personnel who are sent to try to resolve these kinds of situations,” Alameda police Lt. Sean Lynch said.

    >”He was engaged in a deliberate act of taking his own life,” Lynch told the Mercury News. “We did not know whether he was violent, whether drugs were involved. It’s not a situation of a typical rescue.”

    I’ve got my Basic Water Rescue rubber stamp, and I honestly don’t know if I would have gone after him without equipment when he clearly didn’t want to be rescued. Teach? He doesn’t want to walk out; that’s a wash. Reach? If I could offer him a stick, he probably wouldn’t grab it. Throw? Same. Row? With what? Go? Into 54 degree water that’s probably over my head to rescue somebody who might be combative? No, thank you.

    But yeah, I think I could handle pulling somebody out of a waist-high duck pond.

  8. ATLien Says:

    Hey junyo, that didn’t happen in America, it happened in California.

  9. comatus Says:

    The Royal National Lifeboat Service had a motto which, I think, employs the most impressive phrasing in English. To beat it, you’d have to go to the classical languages.

    “Drown ye may, but go ye must.”

    Them, as we say in these year ports, was some pretty hard boys.

  10. Borepatch Says:

    Junyo, at least we don’t make a habit of it.

    And +5 to Comatus. The RNLS is privately funded and privately manned. And so even in Her Britannic Majesty’s Scepter’d Isle they go out in weather that will get you drowned to save lost souls.

    Tirno is right, Robert Peel would be ashamed. Shelley would weep, and Kipling would disown the degraded “Public Servants” the UK sports these days.