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Internet meme

I was tagged to come up with some number of things that I think makes someone an honest shooter. Well, here goes:

  • You can admit you’re wrong or change your mind. You fall in love with the Ache und Gay Blastomatic 7000 and buy one. Then, you realize it’s a bit unwieldy and, like an Apple, it doesn’t adhere to standards. Or you get a pocket holster then realize you’re not a fan of pocket carry. So, you suck it up and move on.
  • As I did this past weekend, you go to the range with a group and, even though you’ve gone through hundreds of rounds of ammo, you realize you only took a few shots because you were teaching and letting others play with your toys.
  • The storage box for your ammo is bigger than your gun safe.
  • You know matter of factly that you have violated the rules and you learn from it.
  • Play along.

    9 Responses to “Internet meme”

    1. j t bolt Says:

      Well, hush my mouth!

    2. Tasso Rampante Says:

      You report your actual group size, not your best group of any three shots all day.

    3. Tasso Rampante Says:

      You admit your flyer was a flinch.

    4. North and the Gun Blog Black List Says:

      The Gay Blastomatic 7000 shoots .40 and you are not ashamed.

    5. molonlabe Says:

      > Despite the burning desire to do so, you do not fold open the bayonet on your SKS when shooting in front of a crowd.

      > And if you do, you also do it when you are shooting alone.

    6. anon Says:

      You can recite some arcane procedure for ‘proper’ barrel break-in, but in reality, you just run a couple of patches through and start blasting away.

    7. rightisright Says:

      Was the Blastomatic also called a USP .45? Because I thought it was the bees knees until I found out I couldn’t hit the broadside of Michael Moore with it.

      Sorry for the visual.

    8. Bill Twist Says:

      You’re man enough to admit that it was your poor shooting, and not some external cause, that made you miss every single target, whereas last year you hit 2/3rds.

    9. Dustydog Says:

      You’re not an honest shooter until
      b) you’ve given unsolicited advice that wasn’t taken
      c) you’ve received unsolicited advice and only followed it to get the old guy to stop pestering you