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Why we win

Aunt B. wanted some shooting instruction and requested that on her blog. Then, I saw this comment there:

Holy cow! I just got home to an inbox full of really nice emails and a comment section full of people volunteering to help. My god, I feel like Ive accidentally stumbled into the nicest group of people on the internet!

And that’s how we win. Unlike the anti-gunners who would just show up and shriek that inanimate objects are evil and make dick jokes.

Via Jennifer, who found it via me. So, what’s the sourcing etiquette there?

6 Responses to “Why we win”

  1. Aunt B. Says:

    It has been really awesomely nice and I really, really appreciate your readers coming over and offering help. Plus, the help I’ve gotten has been incredible, just above and beyond the call of duty–really knowledgeable and thoughtful responses to what I know must be painfully naive questions.

    I am a little in love with you guys, now.

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    We’re good people, you know, and we’ll show it. If there was any prospect I could bring you to our side (not that you aren’t) or reinforce you, I would do what it took. We deal in positives, building up, not negatives. I’m sure you can see the difference.

  3. karrde Says:

    I wonder if the phrase ‘recursive sourcing’ applies here…

  4. Gnarly Sheen Says:

    Hope you find the info you need 🙂

  5. 45er Says:

    Awesome. Not surprising, but awesome nonetheless. I love this community.

  6. milquetoast Says:

    Speaking of nice, remember the young mother whose husband died of cancer on Christmas and a week later she shot one of the 2 guys breaking in to her home? With her shotgun taken as evidence for an ill-defined period of time the (Illinois based) Champaign County Rifle Association took up a collection and got her a new one. Their site is here.