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Code words

I’m just going to link this, say it’s stupid and move on. I could feel myself getting dumber as I read it.

10 Responses to “Code words”

  1. TomcatTCH Says:


    I guess I missed the delivery of my secret code book.

    Why would legal immigrants be looking for amnesty anyway?

  2. mikee Says:

    Jeff Goldstein at has argued for years that the intention of the speaker and themeaning the speaker imparts to words one uses, is paramount over the opinion of the listener.

    Reject their premise, ridicule the race-baiters, and tell them you want a colorblind government. Be prepared to clean up the mess when heads explode.

  3. mikee Says:

    On the other hand, Monty Python expressed the failure of intent in a dynamic way in their sketch about fawning courtiers to a king:

    So it can work both ways.

  4. Jailer Says:

    So when do I get my decoder ring so I can tell if I’m a racist?

  5. DADvocate Says:

    What Williams is saying, in code, is that he’s not voting for no rich, white, honky Mormon.

  6. Sigivald Says:

    Well, it’s Juan Williams, what do you expect?

    Code words are convenient, in that they let you, without hope of a counter-argument, define your opposition as The Other.

    Every time I see such a tactic, I reject the author as a fool.

    (Thanks to the internet, I’ve gotten to see how actual bigots talk. They don’t, I find, do a good job at hiding it; most of them even seem proud of it.

    After all, real bigots think they’re right about their bigotries. They want to convert you, not slip by unnoticed.)

  7. Yj Says:

    So says uncle = dogwistle

    Could be worst

  8. HL Says:

    Iíve gotten to see how actual bigots talk

    Oooh…like when Obama said his grandmother was “a typical white person”. Was that code?

  9. Kristopher Says:

    She used codewords! She must be a witch! Burn her!

  10. Seerak Says:

    #6 Sigivald has it.

    The second anyone starts going on about “code words”, the speaker is explicitly declaring an intention to manufacture straw men on the fly. Take them at their word, call them on their bad faith and ignore them forthwith.

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