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Anti-gun Super Bowl Ad

Apparently, Mayors Against Guns is shelling out the coin to buy an ad slot saying we should fix gun background checks. Can we fix criminal mayors instead?

And I clicked on their page and watched the opening of their video. And this is something I see from every anti-gun group, gratuitous mention of Giffords then the failed arguments of old.

They only know that one song.

5 Responses to “Anti-gun Super Bowl Ad”

  1. Gginy Says:

    This one’s nasty and its the real deal.

    What they’ve come up with is every college or university that gets higher education dollars has to do a “mental assessment” of the people there.

    Then both the buyer and seller in every gun transaction have to be licensed. They’re registering the owners, not the guns.

    In parallel, there’s now an entire piece of the liberal science world working on “proving” that having conservative or libertarian views is some sort of defect in the brain.

    Put those two together…. and suddenly if you “like” guns and have conservative views, you’ll be too “mentally unstable” to get licensed to buy guns. Very convenient for the socialist power structure.

    I used to think that Sunrise at Coffin Rock story on the net was extremist pap….

  2. dustydog Says:

    If I had Congressional oversight or FTC authority, I would check to make sure they paid for the ad time, or whether it is an in-kind political donation from NBC.

  3. Grayson Says:

    You can’t fix criminal politicians. You can only de-elect them.
    Unless, of course, one is willing to risk incarceration by advocating the “rope/tree/crooked politician/assembly required” course of action.
    The ironic thing, is that one lynched political crook will probably do more to end political corruption and arrogance, that all the jail time handed out to political crooks over the past 50 years.

  4. Bobby Says:

    Okay, So what do we say to our friends during the SB party?

  5. 45er Says:

    All I see is a bunch of lost sheep that will still be victims if it happens to them again. I don’t see anyone that feels like they care enough about themselves or their loved ones to actively take charge and defend themselves.

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