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Sad quiz

Cop or soldier?

18 Responses to “Sad quiz”

  1. HL Says:

    Generally, the cops look more menacing. 12 out of 21 here.

  2. Freiheit Says:

    18 out of 21. The cops have badges, if you look real close. The cops also don’t often have camo helmets. When they do use camo, they look like fecking mall ninjas playing airsoft. The real military people also have mounts for NVG, grenade launchers, rockets, and other “destructive devices”.

    Theres still a difference, but when your door gets kicked in you won’t have time to sort it out.

  3. Hartley Says:

    17/21 for me.. pretty scary stuffe.

  4. John Says:


    I had to look for a lot of clues such as surroundings and very specific equipment.

    There are a few with badges or badged insignia however.

  5. SGB Says:

    20 out of 21. The cops don’t look as professional.

  6. ZCORR Says:

    18 out of 21. Lucky guesses really.

  7. DirtCrashr Says:

    17 of 21 for me too.

  8. John Smith. Says:

    0 of 21…..

  9. wizardpc Says:

    ummm….since when do cops ride MRAPs and carry AT4s?

    What jurisdiction is that so I can avoid it?

  10. Jake Says:

    16 out of 21

    The real military people also have mounts for NVG, grenade launchers, rockets, and other “destructive devices”.

    Except for the one cop with what looks like an AT-4 anti-tank rocket launcher strapped down next to him. I think a few of the cops had NVG mounts on their helmets, too.

    There were a few “gimme’s” though, including a pic of the Guerena murder raid.

  11. dave Says:

    At least one of those (Question 12) is wrong.

    That said, I still got 20/21

  12. Lesane Says:

    The worst part is that we can’t get 100% every time, but in addition to that, it pained me to click soldier under the 5 pictures of Marines. We don’t like that…

  13. 45er Says:

    helmets were generally a dead give away. Uniform style and equipment was another (with some exceptions). That said, the general public that has no clue about such things should be disturbed, but probably won’t be because they are going to say “what’s the big deal?” They just won’t get it until it’s too late.

  14. Bruce S. Says:

    13/21. Somehow the phrase “serve and protect” just doesn’t leap to mind.

  15. JAG2955 Says:

    Now I’m wondering if the Corps knows that the guys in picture 20 are wearing MARPAT.

  16. JMosesB Says:

    20/21. 12 was the only one I missed. No cop gets to play with AT4’s. Thanks for the find dave.

  17. Jeff Says:

    21 for 21! Game recognize game!

    The secret tip off is the camo. The more camoflaged they are…cop. If it’s looking like some uber tactical devgru camo…cop. My favorite was the guy smearing the camo paint on his face. It reminded me of the under armour tacticool ad.

  18. Gnarly Sheen Says:

    I got enough of them wrong to make me extremely uncomfortable.

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