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Delayed Blowback 1911

From Chiappa, which I just learned I’ve been pronouncing wrong.

11 Responses to “Delayed Blowback 1911”

  1. bluesun Says:

    Cue outcry in 3… 2… 1…

  2. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    Interesting. It almost looks like they’ve used the barrel bushing in the system somehow. I wish I could get a better look at it.

    It isn’t the first time someone has done something like this though. The Guns and Ammo Mexican 1911 story from over a year ago showed a 1911 made to work with a rotating barrel lockup. Interesting stuff.

  3. Canthros Says:

    That’s actually an interesting idea, but, yeah, I would be preparing for a pitchfork-and-torch-wielding mob if I were them.

  4. Sebastian Noblog Says:

    Lemme guess, you’ve been saying “Chee-app-uh”?

  5. Sebastian Noblog Says:

    (If so, don’t blame yourself…blame the Italians, who never exported their language).

  6. John Smith. Says:

    Sounds awesome especially if they have really solved the reliability problems in gas delayed circular pistons.

  7. Matthew Carberry Says:

    With the fixed barrel is this better for suppressor use? Would it give the ability to “tune” the gas system to eliminate blowback and ensure good cycling?

    Is that even an issue with cans on normal 1911’s?

  8. Daniel E. Watters Says:

    It looks like it uses the same gas-delay system as the Steyr GB. Unfortunately, I doubt that they will be any more successful than the NCG Gas Gun, a gas-delay conversion for the M1911 that was based on the HK P7.

  9. Roberta X Says:

    This would be the third delayed-blowback “1911” upper-thingie: ever hear of a Hogue Avenger?

  10. Roberta X Says:

    …I don’t know if Chaippa’s QC is up to this. Their .22 “1911” gets mixed reviews.

  11. Gnarly Sheen Says:

    It’s pronounced “STOO-pid.” It’s an easy mistake to make.