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Zero Intelligence

Boy disciplined after waving around a gun-shaped piece of pizza. What is wrong with school administrators?

29 Responses to “Zero Intelligence”

  1. RWC Says:

    I could never survive in schools at the present. I wish I kept some of my drawings from back then, would cause PSH these days.

  2. John Smith. Says:

    Whats wrong with the administrators? Same thing that plagues the rest of america… Cowardice…

  3. A Critic Says:

    The problem with school administrators is that they went to school and thrived so well in that toxic brainwashing environment that they stayed in it.


    “What is wrong with school administrators?”

    They are the jailers of he young… and you ask what is wrong with them?
    It should be self evident.

  5. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Gee, I wonder what those fools would do if the kid brought in Sugar Cookies made in the shape of Glocks and Sigs, just like the one’s that were shown on this past week’s “NCIS:Los Angeles” Christmas Episode?

    Your Tax Dollars at Work.

  6. Tom Says:

    Pizza is fattening you know. Therefore, PIZZA = DANGER!!!

  7. guffaw Says:

    They’re a few pepperoni short of a slice!

  8. ben Says:

    I found an uzi shaped chicken nugget in a bag once. I even blogged about it. I think we should start selling uzi brand chicken nuggets, for the children.

    Lo and behold! The internet remembers everything:

  9. maddmedic Says:

    It gets worse..

  10. Crotalus Says:

    I know it’s been said before, but the inmates really are running the asylum here.

  11. bob r Says:

    “What is wrong with school administrators?” *Public* schools. Paid for by compulsion. Attended by compulsion. When something is done by compulsion, we shouldn’t be surprised when that which is compelled is sometimes disagreeable.

    Re: Tebowing (comment 9). In the video at the link, the kids were blocking the halls. I think *one* warning should be enough; following “offenses” merit suspension.

  12. RWC Says:

    They’d really catch the vapors if they watched this…

  13. Paul Says:

    Thomas Sowell says that Colleges of Education consistantly recruit from the bottom of the barrel. I guess some of their graduates stay there.

  14. chris Says:

    Were that my kid, I would show up to talk to the principal wearing my “I shoot at cars for target practice” Lucky Gunner t-shirt…

  15. Chas Says:

    “What is wrong with school administrators?”

    Markie Marxist sez: “I don’t see anything wrong with them. They sound like common sense communists to me. We can’t have youngsters getting the impression that they have any kind of right to keep and bear arms. They might think that it’s normal, and grow up to be NRA members who vote their gun rights, and who don’t vote for our Commiecrats, I mean Democrats, who funnel their tax dollars to the teachers’ unions, so that they have less money with which to buy guns. It’s all just common communist sense really, I mean, from the Marxist perspective.”

  16. ATLien Says:

    I say a version of the slap bet is in order. Whenever an administrator does something outside of common sense and instead does something stupid, have a person there to slap the shit out of him across the face.

    I think this could jump-start the economy, cause a lot of people apparently need this. Just think of the number of slappers needed in Congress alone.

  17. Some Sock Puppet Says:

    Considering they forced me onto damaging medication for standing up to a well-documented group of bullies – everything is wrong with them.

    Considering I was suspended after watching a small black boy being picked on by 4 large white boys, bloodying a few lips in the process, and getting a nice scar on my face from riccocheting off a locker – everything is wrong with them. This action was okay. It was that after handing their ass to them I uttered the words “C’mon mofo.” while dropping into a 3/4 stance in an attempt to intimidate them into ceasing. (Showing I was willing to keep the fight going after hurting a larger group)

    Those words landed me in suspension.

    And this was 15 years ago. The insanity seems to have have grown exponentially.

    I started to see suspension as something to be strived for. Even my father, an LEO who was always exasperated with me, started taking my side. I would stay home, it was quiet peaceful and I’d get chores down, or work on my college portfolio. Too many kids in our church approached him and told him I wasn’t starting these fights, I was just finishing them or standing up for weaker people.

    I had a head full of The Bible, Bushido, Louis L’Amore, Indiana Jones, and comic books.

    But the administration had had enough, since I was the common thread, I was the problem. Medicated heavily with amphetamines, I dropped 100 lbs in 2 & 1/2 months.

    And I’ve been a wreck for two decades.

    Do not ever let a school tell you your child needs to be medicated, and if they try, use force to prevent it under all circumstances.

    The world needs heros.

    The government needs fall guys.

    Government is force. I learned that early on, hence my obsession with all forms of self protection and the ability to reign in govvernment abuse.

    It’s not paranoia – it’s experience and paying attention. The NDAA scares the every loving hell out of me. I know I’m on a list somewhere, and all I like to do is tinker with things. I love my country and it’s people, all those wacky bastards out there. But I despise my government. It is fundamentally broken.

    My wife wants children. I do too, but I don’t want them brought into this insanity.

  18. Gerry Says:

    My classmate brought his dads .303 to school in 9th grade when we studied WWII. No one was upset.

    But that’s when people walked 20 miles uphill both ways in the snow just to go to school.

  19. MAJ Mike Says:

    A kid with a pizza is easier to harass than some gang-bamger. For the most part, the students run the school and any teacher who attempts to bring order out of chaos gets hammered by the educationalist administrators. Behavior standards are low and sinking lower. Too many of the children are little more than feral animals.

  20. Mopar Says:

    This might be the scariest part of the entire story:
    “In addition to lunch at the silent table, Nicholas has spent time with the school resource officer learning about gun safety.”

    Somehow, I wager the school resource officer has very limited resources when it comes to teaching gun safety.

  21. Says:


  22. Bryan S. Says:

    When those kids, whose main contact with the shooting sports world is a video game, come in contact with them later in life, they will avoid them, because they are being taught that even the concept is is evil.

    Not to mention that being a boy and working out thousands of years of cultural and societal interactions is being made evil.

    The feminists and progressives aren’t out there fighting us for liberty, they already won, as they have the children.

  23. MAJ Mike Says:

    That “School Resource Officer” is probably a city or school district police officer. Yes, most high schools have full-time armed policeman on campus.

  24. SteveA Says:

    Not here, those were the first jobs they lost when the police budget got cut, by the city council. The police dept offered to take an across-the-board 3% paycut to keep the officers in the schools but the council turned it down. They felt it would have led to the citizens asking them to cut budgets in other depts that they fully support. We have 2(out of 5) councilmen that don’t even think police should carry guns off duty! Luckily, the other 3 have somewhat functioning brains. Do I need to mention what party the 2 idjits belong too?

  25. Bryan S. Says:

    Seeing how some of the police shoot out there, maybe they shouldnt carry off duty.


  26. Alaskan Says:

    No..congress ruled that pizza=vegetable (actually..congress=vegetable..but we knew that already) so what was the kid doing with gun shaped vegetables?

  27. Firehand Says:

    Hey, they’ve got Zero Tolerance on their side! “It doesn’t matter how stupid my decision is, I’m following The Rule so you can’t do anything to me. What, you want me to actually make decisions or something?”

  28. mikee Says:

    When I was in college I once was admonished by an administrator for a minor and unintentional infraction of dorm rules. He put in my file, and copied for me, a standard letter for such cases with the wonderfully bureaucratic phrase, “…and if such actions again occur, further measures will be taken.” In other words, “Ouch that wet noodle hurt my wrist!”

    That is what is going on here. It just looks stupid to anyone observing it from a perspective based in reality rather than bureaucracy.

  29. Braden Lynch Says:

    Hmm…first violated his Second Amendment right followed up with a denial of his First Amendment right (i.e. sent to the silent table). A prototype of what the Left would like to do to America (first disarm and then subjugate).

    I would be tempted to coach my child to educate their so-called “School Resource Officer” all about firearm safety and the history of firearm ownership in America.

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