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Anonymous donors pay off Kmart layaway accounts:

At Kmart stores across the country, Santa seems to be getting some help: Anonymous donors are paying off strangers’ layaway accounts, buying the Christmas gifts other families couldn’t afford, especially toys and children’s clothes set aside by impoverished parents.

Hats off to you, Lady.

8 Responses to “Touching”

  1. TomcatTCH Says:

    who let the dust into the room?

  2. Paul Says:

    How about the S&W I put on lay-away…. will they pay that off for me?

    No? Bummer.

  3. John Richardson Says:

    The same thing happened at Walmart in Asheville (NC). A lady and her daughter paid off 5 layaway accts to the tune of about $1,000.

  4. andy Says:

    Damn 1%, always donating money.

  5. Blake Says:

    The .gov should investigate her for tax purposes. Doesn’t she know that a bureaucracy better knows how to distribute that? (actually, it wouldn’t surprise me of they did investigate her).

  6. R. Dudley Says:

    I really doubt that it is 1% people paying off those lay-away’s. Most likely it would be just working people that who can now afford to throw some toward others less fortunate. They can relate with those that can’t…

  7. govhater Says:

    I’m one of those evil %3

    I did the same in bigK here in Seattle

    “remember Ben”

  8. Joat Says:

    I had a woman pay my Wendy’s bill, she was in the car in front of me in the drive through.

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