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More bag blogging

Making bug out bags and 72 hour kits for kids:

Making one from a list provided by a church.

And pack some fun and games.

3 Responses to “More bag blogging”

  1. Kristopher Says:

    My Strangelove kit has stuff in it for fun and games.

  2. Marq Says:

    As a member of this faith I too have lived with a church recommended 72 hour emergency preparedness kit for most of my life. As they say, “Country before Country was cool.” Currently I teach other members about emergency preparedness about twice a year. There is a slight difference in the mentality for these “church bug out” bags from what most non members envision, some good and some bad. Good in that the whole family is involved and, generally, a common family “what if” plan is developed. Bad in that the church discourages the discussion about firearms and other such tools. The kits are, after all, designed to be a “small event” preparation, much like the 2 year food supply is a “large event” preparation. I always discuss firearms and survival awareness by pointing out the kit is much more likely to be needed these days in events associated with lawlessness (i.e. post Katrina) than a simple power outage or snow storm. After every class someone (or several someones) approach me for my opinions about “non-church sanctioned” items I think should be included. Always a joy to discuss a “run gun” vs. the recommended “alarm whistle” and see the realization dawn on another convert.

  3. Jon Says:

    I’m prepared for the end of the world, the zombie apocalypse, the coming societal collapse, and i’m a Mormon.

    (ok, only the last three words of that are true, but you get the idea.)

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