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About that last post

Apparently, I’m a genius or a thumbsucker living in his mom’s basement judging from email. YMMV. Regardless, that was the first time I’ve had fun writing a post in a while what with all the doom and gloom and calling people out and stuff I usually do. I should do that more.

Oh and the comments are great. Thanks!

15 Responses to “About that last post”

  1. Pathfinder Says:

    Dude, I was so worried you were going to do something stupid and apologize for, ya know, offending someone or other.

    This is my glad face!

  2. martywd Says:

    The last post?   Ho-hum…

    But the post before that? I.e., ‘Speaking of Bags…‘   NOW that was a post, or least the link therein was.   Yeah I order one of the mentioned…

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    I very nearly said, “who are you and what did you do with the real uncle?”

    What’s the deal with actually writing out an original rant and posting it? I though you had long since gone over to the Glenn side?

  4. Linoge Says:

    Hey! Geniuses can be thumbsuckers too!

  5. Darren Says:

    I just had to change my pants from laughing so hard. Love it, keep up the good fight.

  6. Skip Says:

    Just proves you can write well.

  7. SoupOrMan Says:

    You didn’t explain the Robot Joe Bidens,though. When is the Robot Joe Biden Apocalypse going to occur?

  8. Tam Says:


  9. Siergen Says:

    I agree with Linoge. Please post photos of both your thumb and the room that you blog from, so we can analyze this question in more detail…

  10. Critter Says:

    hey1 *I* want a robot Joe Biden!

  11. Jeff Says:

    Are the Robot Joe Bidens from the Future? Liken them to either the robots in Westworld, Terminator, or Halloween III: Season of the Witch so I can put it into perspective. I’m hoping for Westworld Bidens, but I’m betting on Halloween III Bidens. It’s gonna be a SIlver Shamrock kind of election.

  12. Jerry Says:

    I vote for the Terminator Bidens. At least, you can squash them.

  13. Jack Says:

    I will say that the concept of robot Bidens got me to suck my thumb.


  14. Critter Says:

    oh, the robot Bidens would be sooo cool! the random access memory would be *really* random and the memory not so precise either. it would be like a Simon toy that was actually funny.

  15. Jennifer Says:

    Your basement is quite lovely. I can’t imagine why you would want to blog from you mother’s.

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