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But it’s what you wanted

Anti-gunners used to claim they wanted to treat guns like cars. Well, now that there’s a bill before congress which makes your license valid in other states just like cars, they’re singing a different tune.

10 Responses to “But it’s what you wanted”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    They’re also now for State Rights…which they’re against when it comes to Magazine and Gun bans, and background checks for all sales.

    Bottom line they want to ban everything enumerated in the 2nd Amendment (BTW when Heller was being heard they talked a lot about Militia Service being what the 2A was all about…but in the 90s the Militias were the great boogie-man)

    They’re just against guns, and because they can’t do it with one fell swoop, they just look for any step in what they see as the right direction.

  2. North Says:

    They don’t want a national license to grant licenses, they want a national license to REFUSE licenses.

  3. fucema Says:

    The linked article isn’t convincing me to fully support HR822. It almost tries to pave the way for acceptance of a national gun license requirement for even purchasing a firearm. HR822 is about carrying, not purchasing and registration of firearms.

    I think the States Rights issue is an important one, even though the antis are hopping on board for their own convenience. The Rs and Ds jump on and off the States Rights bandwagon all the time when it suits their agendas.

  4. Nylarthotep Says:

    I like the idea of HR822 just due to living in a relatively free state (NH) near a non-Free state (MA) and if I’m carrying I can’t drive on some roads because they cross into MA for a short distance. That mandatory jail time for not having the MA piece of paper makes life more difficult at times.

    I’d get the MA non-Resident license except the cost is high and I’d have to renew every year. Not a reasonable alternative.

  5. TIM Says:

    Its like you have to be some kind of mind reader or something with these damn people.All they do when things aren’t going there way is come up with some other stupid plan.That’s why it is so important to support different pro gun agencies to keep up the constant ever changing battle.

  6. Kristopher Says:

    If guns were treated just like cars, A 14 year old kid could buy a machinegun over the internet from, have it delivered by any number of services that specialize in transporting these items, and shoot it all day on his parents back 40 without any government paperwork.

    He would only need to have a license plate, title, and an operators license if I chose to carry my machinegun on a public road. At 14, he could get a learner’s permit in many states.

  7. mikee Says:

    Licenses to drive are revokable for any number of poor decisions and bad behavior. National licenses to carry would likely become revokable, with a felony prosecution attached, at whim of officer, as soon as Democrats regained control of both houses of Congress. I say leave the feds out of it, except to continually chip away at federal restrictions through court cases and legislation that reduces, not increases, regulation of firearm use.

  8. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Hmmm. For the sake of Discussion, according to the News Story, 7 million people have CHP’s in the U.S. Roughly 300 million people are Citizens in the U.S. Subtract those under the age of 18, Convicted Felons,”May Issue” States, etc, and being Conservative, that means 200 million Citizens could be carrying Concealed this very minute. So we are talking about 3-4% having CHP’s vs a potential of 65-75% eligible.

    No wonder the Antis are scared of this Bill. Not to mention their Political Masters.

  9. Mike V Says:

    Carry permits/Licenses can be revoked for any number of poor decisions/bad behavior as well. This would simply require states that issue to recognize each others permits/licenses (I think the legal term is give full faith and credit to them). Just like they do marriage and drivers licenses.

  10. Kristopher Says:

    mikee: not helping. Wannabe gun grabbers in congress have now suddenly discovered the states’ rights argument.