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I can’t really find much wrong with this

5 Ways We Ruined the Occupy Wall Street Generation

11 Responses to “I can’t really find much wrong with this”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    3,4,5 definitely… 1,2 and two should have been no condom and no pill.

  2. divemedic Says:

    “But here’s the thing: Those Baby Boomers who started this “you don’t want to flip burgers” bullshit did flip burgers.”

    I paid my dues. I worked plenty of menial jobs to make ends meet. I was a janitor, a construction worker, worked on an assembly line for minimum wage, and went to school at night. I don’t want to sound like my dad here, but it built character. I know what it means to sacrifice.

    However, OWS has one thing right: The banks did use the power of government to change the rules in their favor. In this way, they agree with the TEA party more than many realize, but still both miss the point.

    It isn’t government or corporations that caused this, it is corporations USING government to game the system that caused this. The way you prevent it is by preventing both from ever having that kind of power.

  3. HL Says:

    Again, government is not the victim. Corporations wouldn’t work so hard to influence government if government didn’t control their destinies. If corporations were truly in control, Boeing wouldn’t have been blocked from moving jobs to South Carolina.

    If corporations really were in control of government, do you think there would be a minimum wage?

    I am not disagreeing that corporations and government are intwined, but that is a replationship of necessity for the corporate side. Corporations lobby governement for “favors”, because they can’t allow their competition to get those “favors” instead.

  4. Nick Says:

    “It isnít government or corporations that caused this, it is corporations USING government to game the system that caused this.”

    To be picky, it would be the individuals in government ALLOWING themselves to be used by the individuals in corporations. Both are made up of people, who have free will.

  5. Bubblehead Les Says:

    What’s this “WE” crap, White Man?

    As of this moment there are 2 20 year old kids shivering in a tent. Both Volunteered.

    One is in a Tent in an American City, whining about how “Bad Life Is”. One is in a Tent in Afghanistan, whining about how he he has to take Point when they cross the Wire and go after the Taliban.

    My sympathy lies with the Kid in Afghanistan.

    Fuck those OWS whiners.

  6. fucema Says:

    To be even pickier, it’s allowing the government to have so much power that corporations want to lobby and take advantage of that power.

  7. Jeffersonian Says:

    I watched “Atlas Shrugged” last night. Not quite as compelling as the book, but I recommend it. Ayn Rand captured cronie capitalism to a T.

    Lowlife politicians and corrupt businessmen using the power of Gov’t to destroy competition.

    Yep. that about sums it up.

  8. John Smith. Says:

    The only people allowing the government to do anything are the people who keep voting the same corrupt politicians in for 30 or more years at every election giving them plenty of time to set up their cronyism… So whose fault is it??? The AMERICAN PEOPLES FAULT!!! Because we sat back and let it happen… Now no one wants to take the blame… It is either the government or businesses fault if you eat that bullshit.(Notice how huge faceless organizations are at fault?) Zero personal responsibility is the american way..

  9. Sigivald Says:

    In itself, yes, if “we” means “the people who did that”.

    I sure as hell didn’t do ’em.

    (And contra John Smith, “we” as a collective is not “we” as individuals.

    I live in Oregon. My vote is radically outnumbered by Progressives. Is it my personal responsibility, who they elect by voting the other way?

    Like hell it is.)

  10. John Smith. Says:

    Well if you did everything in your power you must be still running for office trying to get elected sigivald….

  11. Seerak Says:

    Ah, I see that “divemedic” is carrying the Zero Hedge troll water in this thread. Thanks to #3 HL for the quick takedown.

    Governments have been running amok for thousands of years, killing multimillions of people — but no, it’s corporations with their $5 debit card fees that need to be bridled. “Batshit insane” is too generous a description for this sort of “thinking”.