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Taking a cue from ATF

Illegal firearms sales by California police. Another law enforcement agency putting guns on the street.

5 Responses to “Taking a cue from ATF”

  1. Rivrdog Says:

    The Feds jumping on this case is their attempt to raise a smokescreen to hide Fast & Furious by saying, “It can’t be us, see, we are working hard to stop illegal gun traffic”.

    Other point: so far, in that narrative, I don’t see any violation of Federal law, only (maybe) Californica laws which are likely unconstitutional.

    Also, no arrests pursuant to the warrants: very unusual: when a search warrant is served, someone had to swear a violation of criminal law, which imputes there is probable cause to arrest. If no one was arrested, it likely means the Feds were on a “fishing expedition”, using a judge who winked at the constitutional requirements for a search warrant.

  2. trackerk Says:

    Funny how all the “crimes” mentioned that will ruin these guys lives would otherwise be considered, Tuesday, in Oklahoma.

  3. Ferret Says:

    The task force charged with investigating any possible criminal activity carried out by Deputy William Pot will be headed up by ATF Special Agent Ron Kettle.

  4. IllTemperedCur Says:

    Based on the little bit of info in the article, I’d say that it’s all about guns that aren’t on the CA “Safe Handgun” list, which cannot be sold by a dealer in their original condition (the same guns are perfectly legal to purchase from a dealer under the single-shot exemption, where the purchaser subsequently converts the gun back to semi-auto after taking possession.)

  5. Gene Hoffman Says:

    The rumor is that these officers were buying Ruger LCP’s (legally) then selling them to private parties (which is legal) through CA’s DROS/registration process (legal.) However, ATF and DOJ think they created two 4473’s and two background checks for each gun too many times…


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