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Doing it wrong

If you’re carrying a gun, you should avoid fights.

12 Responses to “Doing it wrong”

  1. junyo Says:

    In fairness, from the article, it’s unclear whether he was in a fight, or simply near a fight.

    Bell also was charged with assaulting the victim, but several witnesses later told authorities they didn’t see him throw a punch, said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Elbert Mumphrey.

    Also, it was a Denny’s fight, not a bar fight. And avoiding Denny’s is good advice, full stop.

  2. Ellen Says:

    A useful idea — but this wasn’t a bar, it was a Denny’s.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    From the article:

    The new law didn’t fully come into play, though, because Bell brandished his concealed gun outside a restaurant that doesn’t serve alcohol.

    Idiot journalist. The new law didn’t come into play at all, and has ZERO bearing on this case.

    Unless you have a narrative to push.

  4. Jake Says:

    To the journalist’s credit, the article does note that there are “few” cases of CHP holders breaking the law.

    But as wizardpc notes, there’s really no reason at all to mention the new law, because it’s entirely irrelevant to this incident.

  5. Sebastian The Blogless Says:

    People who’ve never carried a gun find this hard to understand, but it’s true–when you’re carrying, you’re way, way less inclined to be confrontational and way, way more inclined to just walk away from heated situations. At least in my experience, but anecdotes from around the Interweb seem to confirm.

    The other day (a day I wasn’t carrying) an idiot white trash guy on crystal meth was rushing through the parking lot and pushed my pregnant wife out of his way with his car. I chased him through the parking lot and had a heated conversation with him that suggested he be more careful…to which he responded by trying to sic his (very docile, sweet, scared) Dobie on me.

    Some officers happened to be at the Starbucks across the way who saw what happened, checked the wifey to make sure she was ok, and politely interrupted me before it got any more heated. We left and they asked the guy to step out of his car, and I imagine he had a bad day at that point…I was grateful they were there. Drugs are bad.

    But I realized after the fact that had I been carrying, I would have been a lot smarter. I would have called 911, reported a drunk/crazy guy just hit my wife with his car, and oh BTW I’m a CCW permit holder, please send an officer or ten.

    I actively, actively avoid heated situations when I’m carrying. In this state, if I start yelling at a guy who almost injures my wife because he’s strung out in this drug addled town…and he does something stupid/violent/angry, and starts trying to knife or shoot me…they’ll try to and probably succeed at putting me away too.

    CCW makes you have the fear of God about a jury hearing some over zealous prosecutor going after you for being a violent gun slinger. More than a few times I’ve run from a potential conflict and hit 911. Let em think I’m a chickenshit. Who cares? It ain’t worth it.

  6. Bubblehead Les Says:

    I Keep it Simple: Do I NEED to shoot to stop the threat? If No, the Gun stays in the holster. If Yes, then I defend myself and any other innocents nearby.

  7. HardC0rps Says:

    I would have shot that guy he face if he pushed my pregnant wife.

    on another note, lets find a way to end doggie-on doggie violence mmmkay?

  8. mikee Says:

    The story could have been written quite differently, ignoring the guns in restaurants law entirely. It could have emphasized the supposedly ongoing nature of the dispute between the two parties. It could have emphasized that the gun owner did not shoot his weapon.

    And the convicted participants might have been in much better legal shape had the call to the police been by them, stating that they were attacked and acted in self defense (although apparently, from the story, that was not the case). They would have been in much better legal condition if they had not gotten into the fight in the parking lot at all.

  9. Cargosquid Says:

    So,….its unclear? It states he came from a party on Ft. Lee. Did he stop off base and pick up the gun? Because carrying on base is illegal.

  10. wizardpc Says:

    Let em think Iím a chickenshit. Who cares? It ainít worth it.

    Ayup. Last 4th of July I had a minor confrontation with a neighbor’s brother. I asked the kids to, you know, not shoot fireworks at my house, and this 40 year old father of three (who had about 6 inches and 80 lbs on me) told me to go eff myself. I calmly walked back into the house, because I know where that ends. As I walked in, he told his kids something like “See? He ain’t nothin but a p***y.”

    I called his sister (she was inside and missed the confrontation), and she let him have it and kicked him out.

    I can’t afford to get in a fight that I can walk away from. I know how it ends.

    If the rest of the story is to be believed–and with the reporter’s gratuitous linking of restaurant carry, the whole thing is suspect–then the permit holder should have either stayed in the car or asked the driver to go somewhere else.

  11. Sid Says:


    Not actually. I just switched from the MPs to the Engineers. If he owns a private weapon, he is allowed to carry it from his quarters to directly off-post and reverse. He may not carry a POW while in uniform unless an O6 or higher has given written permission.

    Unit directives, policies, or actual commands may make it a violation of UCMJ to carry the weapon unless expressly permitted by the commander. But there is no suspension of the 2A on Army posts. The local commander can make it difficult, but cannot make it impossible to own and carry weapons when off-duty. If he lives in barracks, then most likely the weapon is kept in the unit arms room. But if he lives in housing, he is allowed to keep his weapon with him.

  12. rickn8or Says:

    I called his sister (she was inside and missed the confrontation), and she let him have it and kicked him out.”

    His sister kicks his ass and YOU’RE the p***y??

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