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We’re winning

Making the anti-gunners cry:

The poll also found that 53 percent of Americans oppose a ban on assault rifles and semiautomatic guns – the first time more have opposed than supported a ban.

I wonder if it’s that people realize the function and utility of weapons that look like assault weapons. Or that people realized the AWB was a lie?

14 Responses to “We’re winning”

  1. Cargosquid Says:

    Its because they KNOW, they finally KNOW that the zombie apocalypse is coming!

  2. HL Says:

    Squid beat me to the zombie argument.

    I want to believe that the public has become more educated as to what an “Assault Weapon” really is, but I doubt it.

    However, for the first time since I can remember “Shooting” shows are on during prime-time. Not just on Saturday mornings at 5AM. Discovery Channel has even doubled down on the genre by following “Sons of Guns” success with that “American Gunners” show(or whatever its called).

    Hell, on the aforementioned “Zombie” special on the History Channel, they actually did a segment on which firearms would be most suitable for such an event. I found that to be refreshing.

  3. Ted N(not the Nuge) Says:

    I wonder if having larger issues(job worries, the economy on general) to be more worried about is a factor?

  4. Sean D Sorrentino Says:

    I guess that means one more #Iamthe53 that I’m part of.

  5. Swamp Thing Says:

    Perhaps for the first time since the civil war, people are realizing the true reason for the Second Amendment to the U.S. Consitution. Or perhaps they look at the OWS looneys, listen to Barry and Nancy and Harry waxing poetic about them, and relize that protection begins at home.

  6. HL Says:

    I do think TV has a lot to do with it too…not just Zombies, but all the apocolyptic shit.

    A good friend of mine (a former marine, stunningly) told me after watching the Discovery Channel Series “The Colony” last year that it occurred to him while watching the show just how screwed you would be without a gun if such a event occured.

    He was thinking of the roving gangs of assholes, not zombies, but he now has an AR, and didn’t seriously consider owning a weapon before seeing that show.

    I think that pop culture has created more gun owners, and as they become owners they learn first hand the truth about firearms.

    I honestly can say during the darkest days of 1993 and 94 when the AWB was imminent that I had no hope for a turnaround like we have seen in recent years given the trend throughout history of Governments to disarming people.

  7. hillbilly Says:

    It’s simply because since 1993, more and more people own AR style rifles for all sorts of reasons. It’s simply because the next generation of shooters imagine an AR when they hear the word “rifle” instead of a wooden and blue-steel Remington 700.

    An entire generation of former military servicemen and women don’t have experience with any sort of rifle but ARs, is just one of the several causes.

  8. Joel Says:

    Didn’t care what the polls said when I was told everybody thought I sucked. Still don’t care.

  9. Skip Says:

    The people can be shielded from the truth only so long.
    The intertubes is instant and, as yet, THEY cannot stop it.
    The riots in the rest of the world, crime locally, the actual stats getting out, and 80 million gun owners telling 10 others about guns has helped a great deal.
    Personally, as I am on a Grand Jury with a bunch of other geezers, and have invited all of them to my club for lessons, most [half of them women] have set appointments.
    We will win this.

  10. Ted N(not the Nuge) Says:


  11. Terry P Says:

    x All the above –
    Negative forces: Arab Spring, London, Athens, Fast-and-Furious, OWS, Katrina, TSA, Obama-Polosi-Reed-Shumer-Bloomberg-Clinton-Boxer-Mikulski-Holder, other zombies…

    Positive forces: NRA, SAF, Uncle, Sabastian, Tam, Breda, Rawls, Heller, McDonald, Top Shot, Sons of Guns, all of you, and even me…

  12. TIM Says:

    I think people are finally realizing that the assault rifle is not a scary to be feared rifle.Plus the popularity of the AR-15 has made a big difference over the years.Even if someone doesn’t own one I bet they know someone that does that’s how popular they have become.

  13. deadcenter Says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with more educated on issue, more TV exposure, or anything related to any of that.

    After Ruby Ridge, Waco, the TSA, Katrina, fast and furious, cops behaving badly, and occupy wall street, for the first time in a long time the folks are waking up and learning to fear the government we have allowed to grow into a behemoth.

  14. ern Says:

    I think it has little to do with politics and more to do with culture. In difficult economic times, with some countries on the verge of economic collapse, it’s easy for Americans to start thinking about defending themselves. It’s ingrained in the American spirit. You don’t see Greeks arming themselves. Match that with the last decade’s fascination with apocalyptic scenarios, and it’s a perfect storm for gun ownership. Let’s just consolidate those gains: the cultural situation won’t last forever. And let’s not discount the importance of the increasing number of women shooters. That’s been a massive boost to the movement.

    As for Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc., they have long been out of the popular consciousness. Maybe they still loom large for those who already own guns, but not for most people.

    I think most of it is like the increasing acceptance of homosexuality in culture. You see it, it’s around you. You realize it’s no big deal and that the world isn’t ending because of it. You may not like it and wouldn’t do it yourself (or want your family to do it), but you see it, yawn, and live your life.

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