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Last day in my thirties

Tomorrow, I’ll be 40. I’m not going to feel any different than I do now so, no, I’m not all that bummed. Putting numbers on mortality is something we do. Getting older does suck but it beats the alternative. Another day on the right side of the ground is a good day.

32 Responses to “Last day in my thirties”

  1. PISSED Says:

    Happy Birthday Tomorrow! 🙂

    Just be careful the years seem to pick up speed as they go by…

  2. The Duck Says:

    Well I felt no big change when I turned 40, but OMG, when I hit 50 I really felt it
    Have a blessed Birthday!!

  3. Drake Says:

    Another year down of vexing the pant-shitters. Have a good one.

  4. Kevin Baker Says:

    Warning: When I hit 40, 40 hit back. That year SUCKED.

    I turn 50 in March. I am not looking forward to it.

  5. MJM Says:

    Happy birthday (tomorrow). Yep to all: beats the alternative. It’s unbelievable that the years pass and you are no longer 26–except in your mind.

  6. Dan A Says:

    Congrats. Turning 30 was rough-mainly the 29th year was spent with a mild feeling of doom, that I’d soon have to start acting like an adult.


    Turning 40 was pretty painless, though I did take it as a time to get in shape, and reflect on my life. By 50, it was just another number. The next few years will have to include some soul searching about retirement, since I’m eligible at 55. Stay, or new career while drawing a pension? Stick with the familiar, or subject myself to challenges to keep the mental juices flowing?

    In your case, be proud that at a young age, you’re an accomplished voice for freedom.

  7. HL Says:

    Its not so much the age you are when you hit a new decade, its reflecting on how quickly the most recent decade passed.

  8. Todd S Says:

    Amen, HL.

  9. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    Congrats on making it this far. I’m right behind you at 37. Just remember, “It’s not the years… it’s the milage” ~ Indianna Jones. Looking forward to many more years of reading Say Uncle. Take care and Happy Birthday!

    Disavowed With Honor

  10. Sebastiano Who Loves Darwin Says:

    Old man! 🙂

    Not too far behind ya…

  11. franxredhot Says:

    Exactly how I feel.30 was a bit of a drag ’cause that’s when this former high-school jock realized that “former” was the operative word.I spent 35 in a wheelchair.40 was a blessing,given that three months earlier i was in a car wreck that should have killed me,but didn’t even leave scars-thank God for seatbelts.50,well,let’s just say that far too many of my friends didn’t make it that far.I’m relly glad to still be here.BTW,Happy Birthday,Unc.

  12. j t bolt Says:

    May the candles on your cake burn like the cities in your wake.

  13. BobG Says:

    Congratulations. Forty is no big deal. I turn 60 in January, and I’m not looking forward to that.

  14. DirtCrashr Says:

    Hey, at 40 you’re officially an adult! The 40’s kick ass!

  15. Henry Says:

    Forget getting old. It’s the wisdom you’re stockpiling, my friend; that’s what it’s all about. Your children will, eventually, come to you for some of it.

    So Happy Birthday you old coot 🙂

  16. John Says:

    Happy b-day. I’m only a few months behind you and I refuse to age the way everyone else thinks I should.

  17. joated Says:

    Happy Birthday.
    Of course you don’t feel any different. It’s just a number. And in the grand scheme of things, on a day-to-day basis, it means nothing.

  18. mostly cajun Says:

    40?!?!? A mere puppy!

    congratulations. I hope I’m around to hear you say ’70’1


  19. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Take a towel to the bit behind your ears. Wait, I’m just 47, what am I saying? I’m still on the right side of the ground; that makes me, um, something like happy. Rawk on!

  20. True Blue Sam Says:

    Ran ten miles on my fortieth, then quit because of all the people in their forties who have heart attacks running for their health. Doing well at sixty, with good joints and can walk all day. Remember that every day is the best day of the rest of your life after 35, and you will do well.

  21. Skip Says:

    Pushin’ the shit out of 70.
    But, chicks still flirt with me….chicks in their 60’s.
    Happy B-day Unc.

  22. Donna Locke Says:

    Happy birthday. The years pass quickly after age 35. Make the most of every one. My forties were a good time. A very creative time for me. Forty is a new beginning in many ways.

  23. TIM Says:

    Happy Birthday.I hope It will be a good one.

  24. BalloonGoesUp Says:

    I had Stage IV Lymphoma when I was 19 and coined the saying “Any day you can complain about isn’t that bad.”

    Happy Birthday.

  25. SPQR Says:

    I wish I was 40 …

  26. Gerry Says:

    Happy Birthday.

  27. Reloader Says:

    Happy birthday.. I have T-shirts older than you..LOL.

  28. Robert Says:

    Turning 40 is like being enlightened….you won’t feel any different, but you can’t go back.

  29. rickn8or Says:

    40? In hexadecimal, that’s only 28…

  30. Borepatch Says:

    Happy Birthday. I thought that 40 was awesome.

  31. Jamie Says:

    I’m 40 but my “real feel” is around 32ish. I have no real complaints, Loving life & feeling very fortunate to have been born in America. If we have to get a civil war going against the libs lets do it soon while I’m able to move around & kick ass.

  32. Jerry Says:

    Hmmmm, +1 with #1, and remember that ibuprofin is your friend. Well, untill it starts to, uhm, nevermind. And then, there’s that stuff, shit, I digress. Happy 40 Unc., I’m glad to. Life up here is ALLWAYS better than the, uhm, well, than that. Any ways, Happy Birfday, and many more.

    Jeez, that was awful,

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