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Occupy Whatever stuff

Remember when the Tea Party was in Arizona and that one guy lawfully carried an AR-15 in a sling on his shoulder? Remember how it made the news and how the beltway crowd was really freaking the Hell out? Remember how MSNBC used selective editing to make it look like it was a disheveled white guy when it was really done by a clean cut black guy? And the media went into OMG!!!111 mode?

Funny story. Turns out, theres a bunch of guys at Occupy Phoenix wearing camo, tactical gear and carrying around AR-15s and I haven’t heard a peep about it in the press.

And on the local radio news this morning, it was reported that the folks at Occupy Nashville asked the police for protection because, and I am not making this up, they were camped out near a bunch of homeless people. I guess the 99% swings the other way too?

And NYPD says gun crime is up because of Occupy Wall Street.

29 Responses to “Occupy Whatever stuff”

  1. Spade Says:

    The guys at the Occupy Phoenix protest are also Nazis.

  2. Tango Says:

    I firmly believe that they’re only OCing because fellows like the AR-15 OCer paved the way and the media is going “Really? Again? Ignore it.”

    Because of OCers, the insufferable, nasty, stank-assed hippies can carry in peace.

  3. Sebastiano Who Loves Darwin Says:

    Of course crime is up in NYC–they’re using NYPD to harass non-violent protestors instead of going after criminals.

    Nice one, Bloomie.

  4. Buzz Says:

    Regarding the Arizona guys, if you look at the video it’s obvious they aren’t the typical “occupy” idiots. They seem to be 2nd Amendment advocates who are (rightfully) pointing out that the 2nd Amendment reinfoces the 1st. They also appear to be anti-illegal immigration (again, rightfully so). So I can see why the media isn’t making a big show of tying them to OWS.

    There’s plenty of media bias out there, but this isn’t an example.

  5. Rivrdog Says:

    Here in Stumptown, sometimes known as Little Beirut, aka Portland, OR, we have had a fight between the scruffians at the Flea Party encampment in front of City Hall, and an illegal homeless camp in Old Town a mile away.

    No sign of weapons at the Portland protest, unless you count buckets of excrement lying around, just waiting to be used on the po-po when they finally get that order from the chicken Mayor to clear the camp.

    If I’m a cop, and some puke readies to toss a bucket of crap on me, I center-aim him with a 12-ga load of buckshot. There are deadly nasties in that bucket, so it is a deadly weapon.

    But, I couldn’t be a cop under today’s rulz, so I’m glad to be out of that game.

  6. JoyO Says:

    Hopefully, people will soon discover how the Liberal media (1) prints blatant lies, (2) slants every story to fit its ideology, or (3) withholds information that conflicts with their ideology. The story about the Black Tea Party member with the gun is a perfect example. The best example though is when the e-mails from the East Anglia University re all of the lies from the Global Warming research were retrieved by someone in Russia. This occurred in November 2008 and it took the NYT until March 2009 to even mention it. I remember it distinct since my Liberal friend said we could not discuss this because it was political — in my naivete, I had insisted the basic issue was whether the true scientific approach to research had been followed. When the Times finally decided to cover the San Anglia event 5-6 months later, I realized my friend had been right — Global Warming was a political issue.

  7. aprotester Says:

    That guy is so obviously an undercover cop/agent provocateur it’s not even funny.

    I’d keep my cameras trained on him 100% of the time.

  8. buzz Says:

    “That guy is so obviously an undercover cop/agent provocateur it’s not even funny.”

    Which guy? And you think they developed that back story over a period of years just for this moment?

  9. CapialistPig Says:

    The media didn’t mention the guys in Phoenix because it undermines the occupy movement. As Spade noted, the interviewee is a member of the National Socialist Movement.

  10. Boyd Says:

    “So I can see why the media isn’t making a big show of tying them to OWS.”

    Your completely missing the point here. The media plays up any possible negative image from a Tea Party event to try to discredit them, no matter how tenous the connection. Even with a much more obvious presence they do not do the same at an Occupy event. Any actual participation by the gun carriers to the event in question is immaterial. Whatever presents the media’s ideological opposition in a bad light is all that gets reported.

  11. Spade Says:

    Also, the media (especially lefty online places) was real quick to talk about this guy and that he is a Nazi when he showed up at a Tea Party event. He didn’t even bring a gun or threaten to shoot anybody at that one.

  12. Warren Bonesteel Says:

    Regardless of your personal opinions about these protesters, what most people on the right are overlooking is the police and government violence against these protesters.

    Peaceful protesters – non-violent Amerian citizens exercising their Constitutional rights – are being physically assaulted by the government? …becaue the government doesn’t like what they’re saying…or doing.

    Yea! First Amendment, eh?

  13. SayUncle Says:

    what most people on the right are overlooking is the police and government violence against these protesters.


  14. J.V. Says:

    The man being interviewed is named JT Ready. I hope a resident of Arizona will help me with the details, but a google search suggested that he once held some sort of public office, and was kicked out of the GOP organization after espousing views that seem militant right-wing.

    In the linked video, you can see from his views on the second amendment, jury nullification, fiat money and silver certificates that he is actually the type of right-wing militant that the media loves to write about. But finding him at an Occupy event makes him invisible to the press.

    More info here:

    Any guess as to how long it will take for the video to disappear, after the Occupy folks finally realize that it’s not exactly in their interest to maintain it?

  15. Chris Wage Says:

    While I found the story about occupy nashville requesting police assistance amusing as anyone else, it’s probably unfair to characterize it as protection from the homeless in general. Although that would be a characteristically nashville attitude, in this case, it was because there were two fights that broke out, one of them culminating in a stabbing.

    They were upset at the lack of a timely police response, and rightly so. The laughable part was that they implied it was because of occupy nashville, rather than the more likely explanation that nashville’s central district is understaffed and also doesn’t give a shit about homeless people.

  16. Dagmar d'Surreal Says:

    Wow… What a great way to deliberately paint a crappy picture.

    The Occupy Nashville people requested help with the homeless because the rather specific homeless in question were harassing, assaulting, and *stealing* from the protestors. Generally I thought it was encouraged of people to report crime to the police, instead of inviting headlines of “Occupy Protestors Beat The Crap Out Of Homeless”.

    As to the NYPD, they’re practicaly just making up numbers. Their claims about decrease in arrests by certain departments since to dispatch people to go discretely beat the hell out of protestors takes manpower away from other beats are laughably untrue. It’s generally not possible to have a 19% drop in anything of a yearly statistic without at least 19% of the year going by during that time frame… at least not without *time rolling backwards*.

    In the future, please try to exercise a bit of due diligence in your “reporting” instead of just repeating sensationalist garbage.

  17. ertdfg Says:

    Sebastiano Who Loves Darwin Says: Of course crime is up in NYC–they’re using NYPD to harass non-violent protestors instead of going after criminals.

    These would be the “non-violent” protesters who charged a police line and have been throwing things at the police?

    Like the non-violent protesters in Oakland who tried to turn their protest into a riot… I guess a non-violent riot?

    Can you show me your dictionary where attacking the police and rioting is “non-violent”?

    Yep, there is “police violence” against the protesters… when you’re with a crowd of anarchists throwing things at the police, you tend to get grouped as part of the riot regardless how “non-violent” you personally were.

    The police, who are outnumbered, aren’t able to readily identify which parts of the crowd are attacking them and which parts are “non-violent”… why is this surprising to you?

  18. Some1 Says:

    I, for one, wouldn’t mind a little police brutality on the OWS douchebags. If they want to compare their whining to Egpyt and Libya, let them bleed like Egyptians and Libyans did.

  19. HL Says:

    It is inexcusable for either side to resort to violence. I think the OWS group is wrong by and large, but while they are peacefully protesting, more power to them.

    They are going to need to police themselves however. The Tea Party did a pretty good job of pushing the fuitcakes in their ranks to the fringe. I am not sure of the OWS group’s dedication to doing the same.

    My main concern is that this turns into a mess like England was dealing with a few months back, and buildings start burning. Mobs have a tendency to get out of control. I do not know that they have reached the “mob” stage, but there has to be a concern that they will.

  20. Boyd Says:

    what most people on the right are overlooking is the police and government violence against these protesters.

    SayUncle says – “Yup.”

    I don’t know about NYC but I do know Oakland first hand. You have the most bad ass police in the country up against the most bad ass radicals in the Country. From the Hells Angels to the Black Panthers to the Van Jones Marxist crazies they all consider Oakland their spiritual home. The Occupy people should have picked another town. Starting trouble in Oakland is a sure way to get your head busted. The cops don’t need you and man they expect the same.

  21. FYI Says:

    The man being interviewed, Jason Todd (J.T.) Ready, is a Neo-Nazi with a long criminal record and who received a bad-conduct discharge from the Marines in 1996.

  22. Boyd Says:

    “It is inexcusable for either side to resort to violence.”

    Good grief, you think this is all some sort of academic exercise? Everyone is/should/will consult their pocket Bill of Rights before making a move? The revolutionaries are out there just looking for the usual cannon fodder to throw in front of the cops. The SDS did exactly the same thing in the 60’s. Violence is what both sides want and violence is what they are going to get. The Occupy crowd was just naive enough to willingly put themselves in the middle. Naivety can get you dead.

  23. DirtCrashr Says:

    Boyd Rules. Oaktown is Hometown to Socialist-Central, it’s more ahrd-core than Berkelely. Hell, born-socialist Mr.Commigressman Ron “I lurves me some Che-Guevara” Dellums was Mayor of Oaktown.

  24. HL Says:

    @Boyd, I agree with what you say, but it would still be inexcusable for either side to resort to violence.

  25. gogman Says:

    The guy in the video is a Neo-Nazi.

  26. Tam Says:

    They’re currently mostly in danger of Occupying Last Week’s News Cycle.

    What’s on TV tonight?

  27. Boyd Says:

    “but it would still be inexcusable for either side to resort to violence.”

    Well, of course. And I didn’t mean to sound scolding. I am just addressing the reality not the morality.

  28. B Dubya Says:

    In 1773, the first group of American Patriots were those Sons of Liberty who staged the Boston Tea Party.
    The Tea Party of today has it’s roots there, and it is no accident that Taxed Enough Already renders up TEA.

    In 1775, American Patriotism took the form of the Miniutemen. We have a long tradition of militia callups, from the Revolution, to the Civil War, to both world wars of the last century. I suspect that, if the left decides to further explore their fevered dreams of a violent counter revolution, then we will see Minutemen again, American Patriots and not the skinhead neo-fascists who demonstrate their un-American roots at every outing.

    Maybe there is some truth to the notion that we have to have a family fight every hundred years or so, just to clear the air. And it appears that the very air around these OWS camps is pretty foul.

  29. TIM Says:

    I dont know I know these people do this Open Carry in a protest and are perfectly legal doing so.But I kind of feel stuff like that just makes things worse.The Anti Gunners will use for fuel to the fire “Is this what you want the wild wild west vote now to ban”.

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