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Self reported gun-ownership (a dubious number*) highest since 1993. But remember kids, the Violence Policy Center tells us that gun ownership is down, declining and gun makers aren’t making money.

Gun ownership by state

Meanwhile, SurveyUSA publishes some numbers from a recent poll.

* I mean, would you tell someone you don’t know who called you that you had guns in the house?

5 Responses to “Numbers”

  1. Freiheit Says:

    Ring Ring Ring

    Hello we’re conducting a survey, do you have guns in your home?

    None of your fecking buisness.

    That’ll be a yes then. Click.

  2. Jay G. Says:

    MA is #3, behind HI and NJ (barely).

    Interesting to see how low TX ranked. Guess that’s the whole NUNYA in action…

  3. mikee Says:

    At my house, when a pollster calls, I always ask them if their phone lists are correlated with the Texas “Do Not Call” list. The more knowing will explain that the “Do Not Call” law does not prohibit such calls as they are making, whereupon I ask them if common sense might do so. And then I hang up.

  4. Sigivald Says:

    But remember kids, the Violence Policy Center tells us that gun ownership is down, declining and gun makers arenít making money.

    The hilarious part is how they intersperse that sort of thing with “the gun industry” buying off the Government.

    They’re both losing money and buying out the government and not buying significant regulatory capture or direct handouts!

    For super-secret evil genius types, they’re remarkably ineffective…

    That makes perfect sense, right?

  5. jefferson101 Says:

    I’ve had those calls. Phone rings: “Hello…”

    “We’re calling for a National Survey Organization, and we are asking about Firearms in your home. Do you have any?”

    “Eeek! Firearms? They are bad. No. I don’t, and I’m skeert of them!”

    I generally pick up the 1911 that’s by the telephone when I answer these, just for kicks.

    “Would you allow a firearm in your home?”

    “OMG! A death machine? Oh, no! Not in my home, ever! Bad, bad, bad firearms. It’s for the cheeldren!”

    And they wonder why their polls are not notably accurate?

    Lying to pollsters is not a sin, by my definition of sin. They are spinning, and I’m not under oath. If they declared themselves to be a member of my Denomination up front? I might tell them the truth, but otherwise?

    I don’t think that there are many folks of my Denomination making calls for gun control anyway. And I might preach to them enough to get them to quit if they were.

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