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Tactical Pens

I like my S&W TacPen but here’s the $5 tactical pen.

7 Responses to “Tactical Pens”

  1. Dwight Brown Says:

    I clicked all the way through to the Amazon link.

    “$5.50 + $8.15 shipping”

    Say WHAT?

    (Since it comes from a 3rd party, you can’t get Prime shipping.)

  2. The Duck Says:

    You can find them at wally world, I perfer them over my Scharde tac pen, as well they are easier to use as pens

  3. Canthros Says:

    As a ‘tactical’ pen, I’m a mite dubious of the F701. I’m pretty sure the barrel is stainless steel over plastic, not steel throughout. (And I’ve never been terribly enamored of the Fisher refills, either.)

    I just bought one over the weekend, because I’m a pen geek and wanted to tinker. I used a pair of slip-joint/pump pliers to unscrew the F402 clicker: ought to have slapped some electrical tape over the jaws, but it worked fine, otherwise, and I didn’t need to heat up the barrel.

    Amazon is telling me the S&W pen is on sale for all of $18, which seems to make spending $5 on an F701, another $4 buying two F402s to get a donor clicker, and $5 for a pen refill kinda silly, once your time is figured in. Unless you’re convinced the Fisher ballpoint is the bee’s knees, I guess.

  4. Liston Says:

    Canthros- Its, all steel, except for the clicker. I am not too hot on the Fisher refills either.

  5. oddball Says:

    I bought a Schrade tactical pen a little while ago. The two big reasons I bought it where 1. the design isn’t as aggressive as the S&W or other tac pens I’ve seen, and 2. this one came with both a ball point and fountain pen tip. $20 for a decent metal bodied fountain pen is a pretty good deal.

    As for the Zebra pen, I’ve thought someone could use their metal bodied pens as a weapon long before the the idea of “tactical pens” came around.

  6. Paul Says:

    Geeze guys, you can get an all steel pen and use it instead of these $100 BS ‘tactical’ pens.

    I have one I got FREE. It has “Viagra” printed on it (and I will note it was another employee’s pen. he quit and we got to pick things off his desk.)

    Sure I get some snickers when I show it, but then hey, that makes them think it is a pen and not a weapon!

    It’s called good comver.

  7. Canthros Says:

    Liston: Maybe yours is different, but the clicker on mine screws into black plastic threads in the rear of the barrel, and the cone screws into plastic threads on the other end. I could try taking it apart this evening for pictures, but I’m not sure much will show (kinda dark inside the pen, and all). The steel does cover the end of the barrel between the barrel and the cone, but it’s definitely not solid steel.

    Now, I think it will work, if needed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the clicker and ballpoint are forced out the back of the pen in the process, is all.

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