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Maybe I should apply

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership is looking for a CEO. You’d think someone would be lined up for that job but, instead, they’re posting job ads.

7 Responses to “Maybe I should apply”

  1. Freiheit Says:

    Does it have anything to do with them being a non-profit? I think there are rules about having to post openings.

  2. Oleg Volk Says:

    Should I apply for that job? The problem is the location, their office is in Mordor.

  3. Freiheit Says:

    Do I have to have my head up my ass for the interview or is that something that I’ll grow into as I get settled in the job?

  4. adam Says:

    LOL @ Oleg and Freiheit.

  5. North Says:

    Sorry Oleg. Mordor is too cool.

    Their office is in a daycare.

  6. Dann in Ohio Says:

    I’m not to sure I’d want to sign as captain of the Titanic, pilot of the Hindenburg, coach of the Detroit Lions, or… CEO of the Brady Bunch…

    Is anyone detecting a pattern…

    Dann in Ohio

  7. A Critic Says:

    “A graduate degree is highly preferred.”

    Hey, if they prefer to employ the unemployable, I guess that’s some sort of charitable act.

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